Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Princess Peach and Princess Daisy

This is going to be a quicker post than the others I have done because of the lack of content but in the Mario and Sonic Olympic Games 2012 there are gymnastic and swimming minigames and because of that they both sport leotards. I'll only be focusing on their game selves. I may do another tribute for Princess Peach's cartoon self if necessary.

                                    Princess Peach

Princess Peach is the damsel in distress that offsets most Mario games. Her role is to be simply kidnapped and Mario and her have very little to no personality so that they can be used in as many games and stories as possible. A smart move considering what has happened to Sonic's cast of characters. Princess Peach does have character in the RPG games but so does Mario despite him being a silent protagonist. In the RPG games she's typically depicted in being wise, strong but also funny and womanly. Intelligent System's Paper Mario series is my favorite rendition of her character because she's beaming with personality in each one... sans Sticker Star.

Finally she is almost if not always playable in Mario sports games. She will most likely be the technical character where she's not so strong but if in the right hands she can be the most deadly. That's also what her fight style in Super Smash Brothers. is like and she finally makes her return to being a playable character in a main Mario title since Super Mario Brothers 2 in Super Mario 3D World!

She's slower than the other mains but has a very useful floating ability that lets her float for 5 seconds in the air after a job. If timed correctly you could be floating around the level taking account each enemy. Her and Rosalina offer the most varied and different gameplay with their respective abilities while Mario, Luigi and Toad offer more traditional Mario-styled gameplay. I chose this particular artwork of Princess Peach in her dress because not only is it one of the most beautifully rendered ones but as you can see it also exposes her feet the most where you can even see detail of her foot almost getting out of her shoe because she is airborn.

And here is Princess Peach rendered barefoot. She is in fact playable like this and dances around however unfortunately it was the Wii so the detail wasn't too good. There will likely be another Mario and Sonic being released next year and it will be the Summer version so here's to hoping we get an HD version of this outfit.

Lastly I'd like to conclude with Nurse Peach. You can only see her in the instruction manual of Doctor Mario for the Gameboy so this is a pretty obscure picture. Keep in mind there is a chance this version of Peach will be a Trophy for Super Smash Brothers. For Wii U as she is mentioned in one of the blurbs next to the tips in the Wii U version. I'll make a separate post if there is one once I unlock it.


                                       Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy is the tomboy princess of Sarasaland which takes place in Super Mario Land. While she appears in only one of Mario's adventures she's been a series regular in sports and spin-offs since Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64. Originally a generic Princess Peach clone she has gotten a personality and identity of her own throughout the years.

She is a little shorter than Princess Peach, has red or brunette hair depending on the game, a little on the chubby side and loves to wear orange and flowers, usually those being her namesake. She's also shown to be romantically involved with Mario's younger brother, Luigi.

Unfortunately there is no official artwork of Princess Daisy in her leotard and the only way I'd be able to cap is to get them from Youtube which would be very low quality so I'll so you a favor and just embed the video.

Well I believe this covers them. I'll gladly make another tribute if more content of them comes out and other Mario characters like Pauline and Rosalina. I'm on a bit of a Nintendo kick since it's Smash Season so next time I'll be covering The Legend of Zelda.


  1. this episode is some an anime called a certain scientific railgun and features some nice feet:

    1. O_O Thanks very much for this Shadowmandude. ^_^

  2. Why such a small amount of Daisy haha she's the best out of the three Nintendo Princesses =)

  3. :-D Great post Mrbatemanwearingawig. Really love those princesses a lot. ^_^

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  5. Love the ribbon dancer. Now if only more of the girls were like that...and higher def!