Saturday, November 1, 2014

Introduction and Ace Attorney Tribute


Hello! Longtime of Anime feet here! I've been browsing this place since late 2009 and I'm glad to be able to help contribute here! So without further adieu... Let's get started!

 Ace Attorney is a series created by Shu Takumi and published and owned by Capcom. It's a visual novel series where you play as a defense attorney(s) in a series of trials that often mock the Japanese Court system. The gameplay is a mix-mash of traditional text-based adventure games and an innovative court system where you must find contradictions in statements and use your evidence, your weapons against outrageous witnesses and often prosecutors who only care about a guilty verdict.

 Naturally in a story based game there are tons of characters and this game is filled with loveable ones. This post is only going to focus on the females of the series and each will be given an explanation. Keep in mind there will be some minor spoilers in this blog-post so if you want to go entirely fresh I will discuss which one is spoiler-based. This post will mainly be official art along with some in-game scenes.

                                                            MAYA FEY
Maya Fey is Phoenix Wright's quirky assistant who has a knack for getting into trouble with the law
however she's also training to become a spirit medium even going to extreme lengths by training under a freezing cold waterfall for a month straight. She's immensely helpful, funny and a great side-kick for Phoenix Wright and a beloved character amongst the fanbase. While she also assists while investigating she gives Phoenix great advice in the court battles and can even channel her sister who was Phoenix Wright's mentor.

This is what she looks like for the majority of the games that she has been in. She wears her hair in a bun and has a hime cut, she wears a magtama necklace, a short kimono and finally a pair of sandals to finish it off.

And here is a scene from the game Ace Attorney: Justice For All, case 2-2 where she shows off her soles for the first and only time. In addition to that this is also the first and only time she is shown to be barefoot (as an adult). She is doing her job as a spirit medium here for this doctor in a bind.

The photo above where Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice are standing next to their rivals, Miles Edgeworth (who has gotten his own spinoff) And Klavier Gavin has Maya standing next to the adorable Trucy Wright, Phoenix Wright's adopted daughter. Trucy has never gone barefoot or wore open-toed shoes in official art so she will not be highlighted in this post. However, she's a successful magician who's also Apollo Justice assistant. She is always wearing those knee-high white boots and accompanying black socks.

Phoenix is also a playable fighter in the Capcom Fighting Game series, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3. It's the first time she's had a 3D model and she's a big helper in Phoenix's attacks. Her shoes also have physics and they will be flopping around as she runs which is pretty alluring.

This concludes Maya's tribute but I'm not even close to being done! Now she has plenty of more artwork but as such I will be focusing only on the ones where her feet are shown. Next up we have...

                                                                     MIA FEY
  Mia Fey is Maya's older sister who was a defense attorney and Phoenix Wright's mentor. She was unfortunately murdered on the second case of the series however because Maya Fey can channel spirits she still can and will give advice to Phoenix. In the third game, Trials and Tribulations you have two cases where you get to play as her which take 7 years before her untimely death. She is a very nice, gentle person who at the same time is incredibly intelligent and strong. She has been in many cases and has helped Phoenix immensely throughout the first three games. I'm going to start with her standard outfit.

She has very cute ankle revealing shoes for the majority of her art work and usually a confident pose showing her strong personality. She also has an elegant yellow scarf, a magtama necklace and a courtroom jacket.

And finally this is what she looks like when Maya channels her where she wears Maya's sandals.

 This concludes Mia's tribute but now it's time to move on to the next and final Fey!

                                                      Pearl Fey
Pearl Fey is Maya and Mia's younger cousin who is also a spirit medium in training. Shown to be far better at Maya at it Pearl can almost effortlessly channel spirits when she is only 8 years old! A young and naive girl who has spent most of her life in a small remote village she is very ignorant of anything technology. A strong, young girl who has seen a lot in her life. However in Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies she's a 16 year old who assist Phoenix in two cases. She has a short animated cutscene which I will cap another day for a different tribute since Maya also gets lots of them in Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright but since this tribute is focusing on in-game images and official art I'll keep the pace up with just that.

And with these I'm done with Pearl. A shorter one to be sure. Next up I'm going to tribute one of Phoenix's rivals!

                                                       Franziska von Karma
Franziska von Karma is a very young prosecutor who has become a major success at only age 17! She carries a whip with her and she's not afraid to use it in the court room! She's very intelligent and on a mission to avenge her father's honor whom Phoenix ruined in the events in the first game.

She is very beautiful, tall and elegant. She performs very gracefully and will often bow respectfully and hardly backs down with her determination to defeat her enemies. She is almost always wearing her boot heels and long stockings however...

She does go barefoot once in this artwork where she is in a swimsuit relaxing on a nice afternoon.


Phoenix encounters tons of witnesses in his cases. Most of them being very quirky characters who often, intentionally or not, make confusing and often wrong statements in their testimonies.

First off we have the very sexy April May who believes she has witnessed Mia Fey's death! She's a ditzy stripper-like woman who uses her sex appeal to her advantage but even she has a few secrets up her sleeve. In her artwork she wears ankle revealing heels and conceptually was going to wear open toed sandal heels.

Next up we got the even more ditzy Ini Mini! Now just a warning in advance this post is going to contain a few spoiler images related to case 2-2 so if you would like to go in fresh I advise you avoid looking at the images in her tribute. That said, she is shown to very slow but very perky and happy with a smile on her face. She shows her soles in a spoiler-related scene.

And next up we have the absolutely adorable Dhalia Hawthrone. She's a very crafty and intelligent young lady who dated Phoenix when he went to college. She is a witness in Mia Fey's first case where Phoenix Wright is her defendant. She has a cute white and pink umbrella, a silky white dress with a beautiful pink scarf and white heel-sandals.

And last but certainly not least with the witnesses in this tribute we have the very pretty Alita Tiala. She comes to Apollo Justice when her boyfriend is charged with murder. Her sandal even plays a part in the case!

Finally this concludes my tribute to the Ace Attorney series girls. There are way more than this, some very important characters too but I decided to only tribute the ones where we have seen their feet at some point. I love this series and I will gladly answer any questions you may or may not have. Thank you for reading!



  1. Welcome aboard Mrbatemanwearingawig. Really a magnificent post. The Ace Attorney girls are really hot and I love your descriptions. I'm really impressed that you found a barefoot image of Franziska Von Karma. I've had a huge crush on her for awhile. ^_^ Awesome post. :-)

    1. Thank you! I'm eager to make many more posts I'm having a hard time deciding which to do first. And Franziska's rare barefoot artwork is obscure to be sure. The only way you'd know about it if you pay a lot of attention to all the art work and promotional CD artwork haha.

  2. Ooh, nice! Can't wait for those animated cutscenes!

    1. Thanks! I'd say expected time for those would be in a week or so. Maya's in tons in Professor Layton and Pearl gets a short 15 second one in Dual Destinies.

    2. Can't wait! I'd love to play with both of their feet!

  3. Welcome, Mr Bateman! Awesome collection!

  4. Welcome, Mr Bateman! Awesome collection!

  5. Welcome to the crew! Great post to start it off. :)