Monday, December 21, 2015

Static Shock: Daisy Watkins

Daisy Watkins is a friend of Virgil Hawkins. While not a major character at first, she was introduced in the episode "The New Kid". She became a major character later on, becoming friends with Virgil and Richie Foley. She was once the civilian focus when Superman's old enemy, Toy Man, and Darcy, kidnapped her to make a new body. She is Jewish, and is always trying to get a scoop on Static, similar to Lois Lane.

Well, how was this for a post? The first Static Shock Character, and she was barefoot! Did I do good or what? Also, I have gotten some complaints from the recently-returning Bambino. He does not think I am any good at this. What an insult! I hope that this post proves him wrong. I made sure to get lots of good barefoot shots of Daisy here, so I hope you enjoyed it. I'll have more out soon, guys! Can't wait? Neither can I!


  1. Don't let anyone get to you. It's a nice change of pace to get a new posters ideas and shots :)

  2. Love all your posts Flynn. Keep up the great work!!