Monday, January 12, 2015

Revolutionary Girl Utena: Utena Tenjou

Utena is the protagonist of the series, a kind, athletic girl who aspires to be like a fairytale prince. After winning her first duel, she becomes engaged to Anthy Himemiya the Rose Bride. Together they fight the other Rose Crest duelists and work to unravel the mysteries of the Rose Bride and End of the World.

 At the climax of the movie, Utena turns into a car. Just roll with it. XD

Once again, these caps were taken from the last few episodes of the series as well as the Adolescence of Utena movie. The series is very weird and the movie cranks up the bizarre metaphors through the roof, but I love that kind of thing. XD Hope you like!


  1. not surprising that the one of them naked and kissing were taken down

  2. Okay, seriously, who decided to take down caps from both my posts without discussing why or letting me know at all? It was Match, wasn't it? He did this before.

    Look, Match. If you have a ridiculously conservative attitude towards feet, abstract semi-nudity, or hell, even KISSING (OH NO, TWO GIRLS KISSED IN A STORY ABOUT A LESBIAN ROMANCE! THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END!) then whatever. That's your right. But stop enforcing your ideas of what should or shouldn't be allowed on the blog onto us and pulling off caps I took or artwork I made without asking, let alone even telling me you did it. Stop abusing whatever mod authority KSC gave you.

    1. Match won't give you a decent answer. He never does.

      He seems like he's degenerated over the past couple of years. I remember him being a fairly normal person, but now he acts like a weird obsessive. Also, personally I don't like the images he makes because they tend to be crappy due to him not wanting to find better sources. I also think it's hilarious how he left the site for a very long time due to me once calling him autistic.

    2. I remember him saying he was leaving the site a long way back, but then he returned and I was cool with it. He was the one who actually suggested I join the blog here, and I never had anything bad to say about him. But he seems to view any kind of physical activity with feet beyond a foot massage as automatically sexual, and he's been very picky with my posts, deeming several of my pictures I drew to be inappropriate because they contained consensual tickling. The pictures of Utena and Anthy being "naked" in my latest posts I can kind of understand, even though there are no genitalia in them. But I really draw the line at him deciding that two girls in love sharing a kiss is too risque.