Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Final Fantasy IV

I'm a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series. I've played every single one at least twice and just absolutely love the stratgeic and fast paced battles it provides. It became one of the staples of the JRPGs sliding itself next to greats like Dragon Quest and SMT.

It also may possibly be the most popular JRPG series of all time because it is loved by all regions and for good reason. They are just fantastic games all around and I plan on covering this series. I've been wanting to do it. If you've even for a second considered playing a JRPG start with Final Fantasy IV!

Final Fantasy IV is where the series truly began in my opinion. The first 3 were all great in their own right but it didn't quite it its mark until the 4th one. A great story, a stellar soundtrack and intense gameplay this one sets off the SNES generation with a BANG! It was so well liked it even received a" which most of this post will reflect on. Not many Final Fantasies actually get direct sequels.

Starting off with the lovely Rydia! She's the first summoner Final Fantasy has gotten and her place on your team is crucial. She can do pretty much the most devastating attacks as long as you build her up properly. A essential character for first time players for sure! The game can get difficult at times and with her guidance you can blast through any adversary.

When you first get Rydia she is a young child. However as the game progresses she does get older but unfortunaly she loses her sandals for some battle heels.

Next up we have the lovely Rosa. The main heroine of the game and the love interest. I could never find use for her consistently so she's always sitting out of my party but she has a decent role and that's to do white magic which is pretty much healing with one really fine attack spell near the end. Quick beginners tip: Use cure spells on the undead. It'll help you out.

And last but certainly not least! Porom! Now, she got the biggest appearence upgrade in the sequel. Going from this...

To this...

Much like Rosa I hardly ever use her. I never really figured out a good way to kick her in my party but I'm sure she has her uses.

Well, that ends Final Fantasy IV! I was considering just doing a post that knocks out the entire series but I decided since each game has this sense of individuality I think it's only fair that I cover them each on their own. So the posts won't be too entirely big. And if I missed anything please do tell! I do believe I covered everything the best I could but you never know. Thanks for reading! And check out the monthly archive on the left side of the blog. You never know what post you might be missing out on.


  1. These are some nice finds! And I think giving each series its own post is wonderful idea.

  2. Can post off of Hope Cervantes Feet from 1993 Barney & Friends, I haven't seen her feet for a while

    1. Sorry friend but I'll try my best to keep it animated only unless an actress is absolutely essitinal to the post at hand. With that said she is also incredibly young. I would never post an actress under the age of 18 under any circumstance.

      I do see exceptions to the rules with girls like Misique from X-men since she appears so animated in the first place. Almost CGI-level but real. Just great make-up job overall.

    2. It's funny how I distinctly remember watching the episode Landon is talking about many years ago when it was new.

      Yeah, I was thinking about posting her as part of Black History Month, but I don't think Triton would allow that.

  3. Awesome post. The FF4 ladies are underrated..especially in the foot community.

  4. Beautiful post, FFIV is my favorite FF game barely above FFVII

  5. they are pretty but 9/10 pics dont even focus on their feet

    1. Did you delete my iCarly post?

    2. I'm getting sick of this shit.