Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Help a Guy Out

Hey guys. I know its been a long time since I came on here let alone posted anything. I'm sorry to be making this kind of post but I really need help here.

I am in desperate need of points on deviantart right now and if those of you with DA accounts would be kind enough to purchase my photo packs, that would be great.
Before you ask, these are all of my Nel cosplay friend. She will be sharing in the points earned this way too. You can find the packs here.

If you guys can help me out now, I swear I'll make up for lost time on here. Thanks. 


  1. I never use DA points. I'm sorry, man. Wish I could help more. :(

    1. Thanks anyways man. I appreciate the sentiment. I thought points would be easier than cash for some people only because I don't know how the whole cash thing works out.