Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Legend of Zelda- Quick follow up

If you haven't check out my original Zelda post here.

                                                   PRINCESS RUTO

Princess Ruto is from Ocarina of Time and the new Hyrule Warriors. I wasn't too sure if I should include her in my post because she's not exactly human but she was requested so I figured it'd be alright. She's humanoid enough, anyway. She is a Zora princess who was swallowed in an attempt to rescue the great Jabu Jabu and its later revealed she is one of the 7 sages who protect Hyrule.


                                                        ROSA SISTERS

With the new Majora's Mask 3D we finally get artwork of the Rosa Sisters which means I can cover them at last! A pair of dancing twins you must impress them with your dancing abilities to get yourself a rare mask. They show complete devotion to their art even practicing all day in a hotel room.

                                                         PRINCESS ZELDA

Princess Zelda gets a DLC outfit that dresses her up as Ilia in Hyrule Warriors. Check out my previous post for more information of her in the link at the top if you haven't already/


True Midna is a DLC character for Hyrule Warriors and because of this she gets her first HD render!

Well, that's all for now! I just wanted to do a nice quick update to stay on top.  Thanks for reading! I'll try to cover any new Zelda related content as quick as I possibly can and always on the look out for stuff I missed. And always make sure to check the archives on the left side of the blog so you don't miss any posts.


  1. Great follow-up! Awesome job finding bigger pics of Zelda and Midna. :D

  2. great fairy is also barefoot in hyrule warriors; i don't own the game but it might be possible to zoom the camera on her feet

    1. Oh hello. I've covered her in my previous post.

      As someone who does own the game it's unfortunately impossible to get close ups even with a model viewer. Shame. I wish I had a proper screen capture device so that I could extend Midna/Zelda/Fairy's images but alas I do not. As long as I let people know that it's a thing I feel like my job is successful.

  3. Awesome!! Great Tribute to the Zelda Women. Mrbatemanwearingawig. :-D