Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wonder Woman (Megapost 2)

Ok Batman vs Superman is out this week. In honor of Wonder Woman's return to film, here is a Brand New Mega-Tribute to her once again spanning different forms of media. Let's start with her comic book incarnation.
Comic Book Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman has been in comics for close to 75 years. Posting all of her barefoot moments  is a monumental task which is impossible to accomplish in one post. This tribute will focus on scenes from her modern incarnation. Most of these are from the New 52 Post Flashpoint universe (DC comic books that are written after 2011) but there are a couple of images from earlier in Wonder Woman's career.  Wonder Woman's earlier incarnations will be covered more thoroughly at a later date. Anyway... Let's proceed...
In Wonder Woman's latest series, the first glimpse that the artist gave of her was her bare feet. Talk about a great way to hook the reader. ^_^
Diana surprisingly is seen taking off and putting on her boots a lot in the series. :-D 
I suspect that this type of stripping doesn't just appeal to foot fetishist and fans in general enjoy it. ^_^
For us though... it probably is twice as hot!!
If you guys can find it, I highly recommend trying to find the issue these were taken from Superman Wonder Woman issue #5. It is beautifully drawn and has one of Wonder Woman's best barefoot comic fights to date. 
If that wasn't enought the Superman villainess Faora appears in it too leading to an awesome couple's fight between her, Wonder Woman, Superman and General Zod. ^_^
This above is a variant cover from Frank Miller's Dark Knight III
Kicks, Trampling, Domination Etc Scenes
The above is a scene from the Hiketia the cover of which was shown in an earlier tribute.
In the New 52 Superman and Wonder Woman are dating. Lucky Clark. ^_^
Shower/Bathrobe Scenes
When Wonder Woman take off her manacles, it's the equivalent of her going Super Saiyan. ^_^ I'll talk more about this when I tribute her Golden Age incarnation but it basically gives her a berzerker amount of strength. 
When she takes those Shackles off... Watch out!!

Moving On...
Justice League Wonder Woman
This was a scene that I forgot to post when I posted Maid of Honor in my last tribute to her. It only offers you a glimpse of Diana's feet but I wanted to get it in for completion purposes. ^_^
Live Action Movie Wonder Woman
I googled the new Wonder Woman actress when I found out that Gal Gadot got the part, I was really happy with the results. She looked really attractive and exotic. I thought it was excellent casting. As I saw more of her as she began doing interviews for the movie, I was even more impressed. She seemed to be training really hard to get in shape for the film and was really enthusiastic to play the role. It's not easy to take on an iconic role like this and there were many hardcore comic fans that took an immediate dislike to her. She handled their criticism really gracefully. We'll have to watch the film to see how she ultimately performs as the Amazon Princess but I'm pretty optimistic. ^_^

For those you that are curious about the specs of this actress, Gal is 5'10, 30 years old, born in Isreal and wears a size 9 shoe. ^_^ She starred in the later fast and the furious films. I remember when she was first announced as Wonder Woman, there was an article explaining who she was on the internet. The article joked that doing a google search on her would give the search term "Gal Gadot's Feet" as the top search suggestion. That is no longer the case anymore but it's really nice to think that pictures of Gal Gadot's feet were sought after even before she become really popular. Here's hoping that we get to see Gal version of wonder woman go barefoot on screen in the future.

Ok Finally we have...
Animated Movie Wonder Woman
Some of you might have come across a version of this gif as one of the hidden trophies in my Comic Book Women's Feet Interactive story. I actually made 3 versions of it though. You guys can pick your favorite.
 Version 1: Slow stomp on villains face.
Version 2: fast stomp on Villains face.
 Version 3: Stomp minus the Villain creating a POV perspective.

(These are a combinations of webfinds, caps and animations gathered from a variety of sources including artwork from DC artists Cliff Chang, Tony S. Daniels and David Finch among several others. Big Thank yous to Juancho, Match25 (The Legendary Master of Sole Shots), Jay Jay and His Divine Shadow for contributing material for this bonus.)

Earlier tributes to Wonder Woman:

Ok everyone. I'll leave you to enjoy these images.

Have a great weekend and more to come soon!!


  1. do love that barefoot fight in that film

    1. though personally not a fan of SM/WW, BM/WW on the other hand been waiting for since JLU

    2. :-) Yeah that barefoot fight was great.

      In terms of the romance, I don't really have a huge preference either way. I liked the Justice League Unlimited Batman and Wonder Woman relationship but the Power Couple Superman and Wonder Woman thing was pretty cool too. If they do change it (and it's almost guaranteed that they will somewhere along the line) I hope that they do it via retcon because a messy breakup story arc will just make everyone involved in it look bad.

  2. Alotta great scens recently XD great post KSC

  3. Scarlett Johanson (black widow) please!!!!