Thursday, March 17, 2016

Zenescope: Robyn Hood w/ Spotlights

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, here is a Beautiful Green wearing character for you guys... the Zenescope version of Robin Hood. If you're familiar with Zenescope comics (or have seen the other Zenescope women tributed her in the past), you know what to expect. Zenescope's specialty is featuring sexy female characters.  As you might imagine... Their version of Robin Hood, Robyn (spelled with a 'y') is a sexy blond archer. ^_^
(I'll try and point out where the notable foot scenes are from as we come across them. The above is from the Grimm's holiday special 2014)
The above 2 Capped from Robyn's cameos in the series Van Helsing vs Dracula issue 4 & 5
Talk about a sexy hook... The first scene of Robyn's current ongoing series has her flirtatiously convincing her mark to let her put him in bondage cuffs. Obviously this is a bad idea on his part. ^_^;
You have to give the artist of this issue a lot of props for attention to detail. Those nylon footies are a very specific type of footwear for Robyn to be wearing. It's massively hot to see. ^_^ 
The scenes of Robyn in footies brought to you by the Robyn Hood 2015 Christmas special. ^_^  Quite the awesome Christmas present. ^_^
In addition to her skill with a bow. Robyn is quite skilled at Hand to Hand combat. You'll find her using her feet pretty often to deal damage to an opponent.
The person on the receiving end of that kick is Red Riding Hood. More on her in a future tribute. :-)
The woman in blue is the Zenescope version of Maid Marian. ^_^ She'll have a tribute of her own as well.
The 8 images above are from the Robyn Hood Ongoing Series Issue 6
The above pic is for the bondage fans here. Robyn in chains comes courtesy of Zenescope's ultimate Villainess... The Dark Queen. You'll see that character appear on this blog at a later date too.
That's the Zenescope version of Cinderella that Robyn's up against. Yup...she'll get a tribute too.
I'll also make sure the clock strikes midnight during it. ;-)
Every 2 years Zenescope releases a Swimsuit issue of all their characters which is where the bulk of these swimsuit shots come from.
The bulk of these are from their 2014 issue. 
Here's hoping they release a new issue this year. ^_^
Another thing you want to look out for are special edition limited covers. They tend to feature the characters in even more provocative poses than usual.

The above is a comic con exclusive version of Robyn Hood Wanted 4.
A special cover released for the Robin Hood ongoing series issue #1
(Various webfinds and caps. I tried to list her barefoot moments as we came across them.)

Robyn appears in multiple Zenescope comic book series including their flagship series Grimm's Fairy Tales. The character proved to be extremely popular and after several mini-series starring her, she was given her own ongoing monthly series.

The initial Robyn Hood story arcs focus on her travelling through time from modern days to protect the people of Nottingham in a similar fashion to the legendary character she is based upon. Through her adventures she winds up meeting and joining the Realm Knights, a group of heroes in the Grimm's Fairy Tales universe who protect the Earth and other realms from supernatural threats. Her current series has her working as a private investigator using her knowledge and skills to deal with unique type of cases. Think of it sort of like the television series Angel starring a hot blonde. 

As you notice in the caps above, Robyn is a skilled fighter naturally being able to hold her own fight. We've seen her wield  both a sword and bow and arrows adeptly in the course of her adventures suggesting that her natural fighting skill extends to weapons as well. She also has a certain level of magic powers. Her eye gets damaged early on in her story but she uses her powers to see through it. If anything, her ability makes her vision sharper because she has perfect aim with a bow. ^_^

Personality-wise Robyn initially doesn't come across as someone who is easy to get along with. Growing up as an orphan in the city has made her tough. She self describes herself as a bitch and that seems to hold up. She loses her temper pretty easily (watch out when she gets mad) and is difficult to become friends with. As her story progresses though it becomes clear that her attitude is more of a protective mechanism. She's had a rough life and she has difficulty trusting people. She still has a good heart underneath that though and when she does find someone she can be friends with, she does everything she can to protect them.  Another interesting thing of note about the character is that Robyn does possess a dry sense of humor. It's not that Robyn likes telling jokes so much as she's adept at sarcasm. She'll often drop a sarcastic note at either the end of a fight or when things aren't going her way.

As you guys can probably tell, I really like Robyn a lot. She's really pretty, a badass fighter and fun to watch in action. For a foot fetishist, her costume just makes you want to fantasize about her feet. The character is often wearing sexy boots making you automatically try to picture what is underneath them. Even when the character is wearing sneakers she gives us a teasing peek at her ankles suggesting that she may not be wearing socks in her footwear. Very Hot!!! 

:-) I've noticed looking over the Zenescope entries that have been done here in the past that the bulk of them tend to have spotlight columns so let's attempt to keep that tradition alive. ^_^



One interactive today. This one I've wanted to showcase for awhile.,, 

This is a great story involving the main character's Ex girlfriend finding out about his foot fetish and attempting to use it to her advantage. The story is heavily foot domination based and the lead character Josh could find himself at the feet of several attractive female characters including his ex girlfriend Tora, his current girlfriend Lizzie, his sister Karen, Tora's friends Anika and May as well as several others. 

Where the story really shines though are its endings. There are a lot of hot outcomes that foot domination fans can appreciate. Below are some of my favorites. 

Definitely recommend checking this one out if you guys can. ^_^

Today also seems appropriate to talk about this month's Poll in the sidebar. ^_^ The phrase that inspired this one was "Kiss Me I'm Irish". For it I tried to pick  a group of Irish characters whose feet would be fun to kiss. Surprisingly there aren't that many Irish characters to work with and I had to scour the net a bit to find characters with a Celtic background. You guys are always great with suggesting interesting characters that I didn't think about so I left the other options for you guys to give recommendations. Which brings me to a couple of the recommendations this time around. There is one character that was put in repeatedly that I wanted to check on... Candice from Phineas and Ferb. I notice that she was put in twice and I've been unable to confirm her background from Wiki entries. Does anyone know if she's a celtic character? Her last name is Flynn... that fits but the name seems to be from her stepfather. Another interesting recommendation that you guys gave me is  April O'Neil from Ninja Turtles. I never considered that she was Irish but the name definitely fits so it is possible she has an Irish background. Wikipedia definitely seems to corroborate that listing her under Fictional Irish characters but anyone can edit those entries so I'm not sure. What do you guys think? Should I add those two in as choices into the poll? 

In any case guys... I know that the poll has been up for a couple of weeks and chances are that you've probably already given your favorite character some love. If you haven't voted yet though it's something good to spend the holiday thinking about. As always voting is anonymous and you don't need a blogger account to vote so anybody that wants to can participate. Have fun guys. :-)

All right everyone. I know this was a lengthy post. Thanks for reading or skimming the entry to this point.

Have a Very Happy St. Patrick's Day!!


  1. The way her eye is scarred and whitened/yellowed from cataracts? Totally reminds me of Saizo from Fire Emblem Fates.

    1. Yeah... I googled him and can see the resemblance. She's similar to Kakashi from Naruto and Hudson from Gargoyles in that regard too. ^_^ All proud members of the Eyepatch of Power trope.