Sunday, March 13, 2016

Yvonne Strahovski (Bonus)

Ok as an additional supplement to the Batwoman post, here is a bonus tribute to her voice actress Yvonne Strahovski. ^_^ I actually have been collecting material for her for a really long time. Originally I intended to do a special tribute to her when she was starring in the NBC Action/Comedy Spy series Chuck. Unfortunately, I missed the appropriate timing for that tribute and the pictures I had for her remained tucked away on a folder in my laptop for years. Luckily they were never completely forgotten about and when I found out who Batwoman's voice actress was, I knew their day had come. Anyway, enjoy guys!!
Note: This above 2 caps were from a special episode of chuck that aired with the Superbowl. You needed a special promotional pair of purple and yellow 3D glasses distributed for Superbowl commercials to watch it but it did give a nice view of Yvonne's feet in 3D.

The Chuck episode Chuck vs Phase 3 deserves a special mention of its own for featuring Yvonne's character Sarah kickboxing in an underground ring in Thailand. Martial Arts Feet Woot!!
Joshua Gomez is so amazingly lucky. *Shakes head*
In case you guys are wondering about the size of Yvonne's feet, here are some specs for her. Yvonne is 5'9" and wears Size 10 (U.S.A.) shoes.
(These are a collection of webfinds and caps from throughout Yvonne's career. Several of them come from the TV series Chuck. Big shout out to Wikifeet for a bunch of these pictures.)

Yvonne is an Australian actress which is something I wouldn't have been able to guess without looking at her bio. She really does an American accent perfectly. However if you guys were to come across videos of her interviews online... you can hear her actual voice. It's really cute. ^_^

If you've seen the TV series Chuck, you can understand why I like her (though these pictures probably give you a good idea as well). In that series, she plays a sexy secret agent named Sarah Walker. Sarah is the perfect combination of sweetness and awesomeness. She's a great girlfriend always looking out for the person she loves (the main character of the show). At the same time, she's a real badass having the martial arts skills to take down the criminals her team comes across. Needless to say... she is fun to watch.

I didn't immediately identify Yvonne as Batwoman's voice when I was watching Batman Bad Blood. I was thinking that Batwoman sounded familiar but couldn't place where I heard her before. It was only after I saw her name in the credits that I was like seriously. She really did a great job playing that character.

Ok everyone... that's basically it for now. As always... more to come soon. ^_^


  1. Ah, I loved Yvonne in Chuck... Not so much Dexter. As gorgeous as she was there was no redeeming that character. Not her fault, though. She did her best. In case you didn't know she also played Miranda Lawson in Mass Effect and not only is she modeled after Yvonne but you can also romance her as well.

    1. O_O I didn't know that. That's so awesome. Wow Miranda is hot... I really need to play that game series.