Sunday, March 13, 2016

Batman Bad Blood: Batwoman

Last month I got to watch new DC Animated movie Batman Bad Blood. To my pleasant surprise. The film not only featured Batwoman in it... it gave her a barefoot fight scene. :-D
(These are capped the Direct to Video Batman Movie Batman Bad Blood)

Previous Tributes to Batwoman

I covered Batwoman's character pretty thoroughly in my last tribute so there isn't really much to say vis a vis her backstory, I will talk a little bit about the Bad Blood film though. Coming from a massive comic book fan's perspective, I thought the film was pretty good. Without giving any spoilers away... There was a lot of action in it and the film covers some Batman comic characters that haven't really gotten the opportunity to appear in any other films so far. The fight scenes were pretty intense and I was hooked throughout the film. The animation in the movie was also pretty nice as well. A minor gripe that I have with the film is that certain villains in the story don't get used to their full potential but overall the movie was really enjoyable. There's also a great cameo at the end of the film that's impossible not to smile at. Overall I'd give it about an 8.5/10.

Obviously it's really hard not to like a film where Batwoman goes barefoot. I remember thinking please let there be a barefoot scene for her repeatedly from the moment I saw her appear on the screen (even though I knew the chances of that were unlikely at best). Then to my amazement it actually happened. You go DC!!!

:-) Ok everyone... that all for... wait what????? Hang on I'm getting a call from our representatives in our Australian offices.

*Listens into the phone* 

Uh huh  

Uh huh

A bonus tribute? 

Uh huh

Ok I'll tell them. 

*Hangs up telephone*

Apparently that's not all just yet. I have an extra surprise for you guys... a bonus tribute to Batwoman's voice actress Yvonne Strahovski.

Heh heh heh yup... I'll leave you guys to this one. Have a great day and as always,,,more to come soon
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  1. cute but ultimately hated her in this film. She got Batman caught in the first place, donned the batfamily name while smearing at its principals of no killing, gets mad at Batman saving her, and not to mention even Batman was considering arresting her himself before all this started.

    1. also take a drink every time she states or makes an off handed comment that shes gay. Get ready to be drunk before the first half is over with

    2. Yeah... I think that's fair. In some regards she was hard to watch making things more difficult for the other characters. I think I enjoyed the film more from an action perspective. They had a lot of fight scenes and many of them were epic.

      Batman and Batwoman vs Heretic - Intense.
      Nightwing vs Blockbuster - Cool.
      Robin (Damian) & Nightwing (Disguised as Batman) vs Black Mask - Sweet
      Nightwing and Damian take on Heretic, Onyx etc - Really Exciting
      Missionary Fight Rescue - Nice
      Barefoot Batwoman fight - Self explanatory.
      Talia vs Batwoman - Catfight woot!
      Alfred vs Calculator - Bloody ell (Poor Mad Hatter though)
      Damian vs Tusk - "Justice not vengeance"
      Nightwing vs Batman - Awesome climax fight.

      Yay popcorn.

      The bigger gripe I had with this movie (spoiler alert to those who read this) was that they really wasted the Heretic. That character was undefeated and the film took him out in the cheapest fashion. I could understand if he lost a fight and was dispatched but who shoots their henchman when he has a 100% success rate. What's wrong with you Talia? Talia too gets dispatched rather cheaply in the film but at least they gave her a climax fight beforehand. Also with my rating I upped the film a bit because we got a good barefoot scene. I probably would have rated it a 7.5 or 8 without it. I could see people rating it lower though and can see it averaging about a 7 or so in most fan's eyes.

      Lol did she really mention it that much? You might be right. :-) I wasn't paying attention to it. Have to rewatch to confirm how many times that occurred.