Thursday, May 5, 2016

Justice League Gods and Monsters: Wonder Woman

Ok guys I'm still working on Harley Quinn's tribute but it's not quite ready to post yet. In the meantime I'll post a couple of other sets. I was watching the DC animated movie Justice League Gods and Monsters earlier this week. To my absolute delight, the alternate reality version of Wonder Woman had a barefoot scene in it. ^_^
(These are a combination of caps from the DC animated film Justice League Gods and Monsters and the accompany Gods and Monsters chronicles episode featuring Wonder Woman. A big thank you to His Divine Shadow for tipping me off to this movie.)

Justice League Gods and Monsters takes place in alternate history timeline where the members of the Justice League are significantly different than the characters we are used to. Superman is the biological son of General Zod instead of being raised by the Kents, he was raised by Mexican Migrant workers. Wonder Woman is a New God who fled to Earth after a war with Apokolips and Batman is an actual vampire. 

I really liked this film a lot and definitely recommend it to you guys. In general I really like alternate reality storylines because it allows writers to take something familiar and go wild exploring characters and settings in ways that they can't in normal continuity. In this movie, the writers didn't hold back. You get to see a darker justice league that isn't above killing their enemies. A lot of the characters in this world are familiar to DC comics fans but in vastly different roles than what we are used to. It's a nice shock. The film does a great job of showing characters within that morally gray zone and raising of what it means to be a hero.

The Wonder Woman in this film is really cool.  In the Gods and Monsters reality her name is Bekka. She is the granddaughter of Highfather (The Leader of The New Genesis Gods) and the Wife of Darkseid's son Orion. In addition to possessing Wonder Woman's super human strength, fighting skill and the ability to fly. Bekka has a special sword given to her by Orion (prior to his death) with a Mother Box in the hilt. The sword allows her to teleport anywhere she desires. Between her abilities and the sword, Bekka is a total badass in battle possessing the perfect combination of speed and power. She also seems like she would be fun to have as a girlfriend because she can be both dominating and playful while at the same time caring about her lover. This is evidenced by her relationship with Steve Trevor who she pursues romantically in the God and Monsters chronicles mini-series. After she defeats Giganta, she rips off Trevor's shirt forcing him to make out with her on the spot. He even comments that he might need a "safe word". :-D

Interestingly enough the character of Bekka also exists in normal continuity as well. Her background and personality are very different than her Gods and Monsters counterpart though. While she's still a new God, she's more of a scientist than warrior. She still marries Orion in the comics but the circumstances being their marriage is significantly different.

Ok guys, that's all for tonight. As always... More to come soon!!

Additional afterthought: Does anyone else think that this version of Wonder Woman reminds them of Maxima from Superman the animated series? 


  1. This was a surprisingly good movie. Nice post! :)

    1. Thanks very much Atomic Chinchilla. ^_^

  2. Holy Goddess KSC,this is a great post XD

  3. This version of Wonder Woman is really damn cute.

    1. :-D Yeah definitely. She really is awesome.