Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Villainess Takeover: Maxima (Bonus)

Ok the next villainess up is the Superman bad girl Maxima.

How many girls besides her have we seen dominate Superman already? One? two? We really should start a count. ^_^;

No I wasn't double capping. She actually dominated him twice in the same episode...Lucky son of a gun. :-p

(Those were capped from the Superman: The Animated Series episode: Warrior Queen. I tossed in a webfind of Superman getting dominated be her comic book counterpart into the mix as well)

As expected of the warrior queen, she didn't make things easy for me. Most girls would be content to come in and show off their feet to me in exchange for a foot rub and a couple of lines in my entry about how awesome she is but not Maxima. Instead she made me visit her on Almerac and watch her dominate a couple of people before even taking off her boots. After that she insisted that I pamper and worship her feet for a few hours before she finally allowed me to work on this entry.

Anyway, Maxima is a really cool character. Not only is she strong, beautiful and powerful, she's also royalty. While she's not always depicted as a villainess, she definitely has a bad girl quality to her expecting the universe to be at her beck and call without any thought towards the feelings of other. (Ironically in the comics she can read people's mind). The nice thing about her is that her dominating and spoiled personality is perfect for taking advantage of eager foot worshipers. Just be careful what you wish for because since she's used to getting pampered, she probably expects some really high quality care from her footslaves. ^_^;

One thing I do have to mention is I'm a little disappointed with some of the animation in this episode. The Superman animated series came after the Batman one but when I look at some of some of the cels, (particularly with some of these scenes) I just want to slap the animators for cutting corners. ^_^;

Maxima is definitely a hottie though and I'd definitely love to be at her feet. :-D

Ok...I hope everyone enjoyed this trip to Almerac and there's definitely some more villainesses to come soon.

Up up and away


  1. 0_0

    Very nice find KSC, gotta love those warrior queens ^_^

  2. i was about to comment on why you were doing another girl with boots but then smiled when i saw the foot massage. Oh how i would want to serve her

  3. Thanks guys. ^_^ I like Maxima a lot. I would love to trade places with the woman giving her the foot massage. ^_^