Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tico of The Seven Seas: Nanami

Hi everyone. I apologize for a slow posting week. It's been a hectic few days and I'm still organizing Harley's tribute which I can now say for certain will involve more than one post to the character. In the meantime I have another tribute for you guys. This one not only feature a barefoot female protagonist character but she's also from the Hit List. ^_^
(A big thank you to Richfeet for sending in images and caps for this post and recommending the series. ^_^)

Tico of the Seven Seas is anime series about a young girl's friendship with an Orca whale that I imagine is in a similar vein to the movie Free Willy. The protagonist Nanami Simpson is the daughter of a Marine biologist. Her father has dedicated his life to finding and preserving a rare species of whale called a Glowing whale (there's a little bit of a sci fi element to this one despite a very realis. Nanami is best friends with a young Orca whale who she swims with on a daily basis.The series ran for 39 episodes and aired in 1994 It seems like a sweet series with cute animation.

A little bit of Trivia Nanami means Seven Seas in Japanese. ^_^ Nami by itself means wave which makes sense when you think of the word Tsunami.

I've actually had these images awhile but have been holding off on posting them because I was hoping to watch the series through completely before posting her. Sadly I haven't gotten the chance yet and it's one of those longstanding series on my ever growing watch list. The series seems like it's really cute and I do hope to see it one day though.  The protagonist reminds me a little bit of Misty from Pokemon with her yellow shirt, orange hair and shorts. In addition to that Misty is a water pokemon trainer putting her in a similar situation to Nanami. For those that are wondering which character came first, Tico of the Seven Seas is the older anime. The Pokemon game series debuted in 1996 and the Pokemon anime premiered in 1998. 

 :-) As a kid I used to really like Whales a lot and actually did a report on the Blue Whale for my third grade project so I sort of relate to Nanami and her father's love for them. They really are Majestic creatures and definitely worth protecting. If you guys ever visit New York City's Museum of Natural History, there's a beautiful exhibit on whales in their Hall of Ocean Life section that is awesome to behold.

Ok that's all for now everyone. Thanks very much for reading. If you guys like this character and want to see more of her, let me know and I'll try to make watching and capping the full series a priority project.


  1. She really is an adorable girl! And something tells me she really doesn't like wearing shoes!

    1. :-) Yeah she's barefoot a lot.

    2. Yeah, if she wasn't in the water, her feet would get filthy fast!

  2. Wow cool that you still had those pics so long. I was only able to watch 6 episodes of it a while ago. Good post KSC.

    1. :-) Thanks again for the pictures Richfeet. How were the episodes you saw? It seems like a nice series.

    2. They were good.It had lots of action and comedy. It's kind of like Pokemon because she uses a killer whale to fight a shark once with that whistle of hers.

  3. She does looks a lot like Misty from "Pokemon."