Monday, May 16, 2016

Street Fighter V- Laura Matsuda

I think the hardest part of Street Fighter is trying to keep a straight face when all these beautiful women are bouncing around on the screen. Here is one of the newest Street Fighter characters who came into the fight in Street Fighter V, Laura Matsuda!

Who is Laura? Well, she's an incredibly friendly, free-spirited and caring person who respects and adores her family's fighting style and wishes to promote it across the world. She can conduct electricity which makes her really wild and versatile compared to the other fighters.

Various promotional art and screens for the lovely Laura. And while we're at it let's briefly cover the other Street Fighter V ladies!

This is Cammy White. I plan on doing a post featuring her (and every other fighter I'm about to post just to get that out of the way!) and that will feature her more heavily so here's a nice taste of what's to come and she was also posted her previously so go check it out! It's an excellent post and maybe a blast from the past if you've been at this blog for awhile!

This is Karin Kanzuki! She was originally introduced in a Street Fighter Manga but was then was put into the screen in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and made her triumphant return in Street Fighter V!

And the lady that needs no introduction, the queen of fighting games, Chun-Li!

And last but certainly not least, Rainbow Mika! Or R. Mika for short. This spicy wrestler made her debut in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and after a long hiatus makes a grand return in Street Fighter V.

I plan on making more Street Fighter V posts as the game is new and will be constantly updated for the rest of this console generation most likely and possibly even beyond and as for DLC characters we're getting two notorious barefoot fighters, Ibuki around July and Juri Han around August so I expect I'll be making those very soon.

I apologize that I was not making any posts lately. This week I plan on changing that starting with this so expect this blog to get a lot more active! This post was much bigger than I initially thought it was going to be. I was just going to post the two promotional art we have of Laura and call it a day but I'm glad I got a little more ambitious than that!

As always, thanks for reading!


  1. You do know there's barefoot models, right?

    1. I view all mods as fan-art and I much prefer posting official/promotional art and models made by the developers themselves. The same goes for Anime, comics and Western Cartoons as well.

  2. Absolutely awesome post Mrbateman. ^_^ The street fighter women are hot and Laura is gorgeous. :-)

  3. Are you gonna do a Minnie post with those pics I told you about? Also she's wearing sandels in another episode Entombed

    1. Yes though it will probably be posted over the summer since I'm falling a little behind on my posting again. I found and capped Kui' Lei melody and I'm working on the other two. Oh I'll try to get that one as well. Thanks very much again for all these tips.