Thursday, January 1, 2009

Misty (Bonus)/Poll of the Month 9

Ok everyone, as promised here is the tribute to the hot water pokemon trainer Misty.

(These pictures are a combinations of webfinds (alot of which are from Otakuphrenia) and caps from the Pokemon episodes "Cerulean Blues", "Enlighten Up", "The Stun Spore Detour" and the Pokemon Movies "Celebi: A voice from the Forest" and "Latios and Latias: Heroes". I have to give a tremendous thank to Juancho for contributing a massive amount of caps in this bonus (all the best pics in this one are his) and to the Legendary Match25 for tipping me off on the pokemon movies.) why would make people want to spend an entire Christmas snuggling against this sexy tomboy's soles? Well Misty is a very pretty girl, a powerful trainer and gym leader (which means she's good at giving orders i.e. "Lick my feet!") and she really cares about her friends. Just look at how she nurses after Ash in the Stun Spore episode. Doesn't she deserve to have her own personal human foot warmer? Plus as a water pokemon trainer, her feet are probably really soft and smooth. Wouldn't it be great to just snuggle against her feet and stay there for an entire day? :-)

Also, I added a new poll of the month for you guys. The scenario involves sexy female fighters taking off their footwear after a match to rub their sweaty feet in your face. (I always found that situation really hot) . There are a lot of sexy female fighters out there but if you had to pick one to do that to you...who would it be? I tried to give everyone a variety picking fighters from different series (so you can choose your favorite series if you want) and mix it up a bit by using women that I didn't use in previous polls (i.e. Asuka instead of Nina)*. If there are any women that you feel I really neglected by this poll, you can e-mail or leave a comment about it if you guys want and I'll try to add her to future polls or tributes.

As always, voting is anonymous and you don't need a blogger account to vote so anybody that wants to can participate. I'd really love to see what your opinions are.

Alright everybody, I have a lot of good stuff planned for 2009 that I can't wait to show you guys. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year Everyone!!

*I had to repeat Sonya cause she's the woman everybody thinks about with Mortal Kombat. ^_^; She's also really hot.


  1. Awesome! Misty is my favorite of all of Ash's travel companion's.

    BTW,Jesse also goes barefoot in that "Enlighten Up" Episode

  2. got to love the tomboys, Ash (and the shows writers) was an idiot for letting her go.

    and how did i miss that sole shot. well it was way back before i was fully aware of my foot fetish but still how could i have missed that?

  3. Thanks SFD.

    Yeah Match...Misty is really hot (and never should have left the series) although I really like May and even Dawn as well. Not to mention Officer Jenny, Jessie and the Gym leaders. Wow Pokemon has a lot of beautiful women.

    The sole shot from Cerulean Blues was sent in by Juancho (who also sent in the caps of Stun Store Detour, Voice from the Forest, and Enlighten up). My first thought on seeing it was that Match is really going to love this.

  4. i really wish nami had won, but thats ok. i really had trouble with this poll because i wasn't sure if i should vote for nami, misty, or bulma.

  5. well all of the Nami pics have already been posted up till now but there has never been a Misty one

    Also for the post, havent you already done the Succubus?

  6. I'm myself a fan of May more than of any other Pokémon girl. So much, that I don't like tributes to her feet because she's way more than a pair of cute feet to me (not sure if somebody understands that x-D). But I have no problem with Misty.

    Toes in Pokémon may be crazy at times, like in the picture before the one with the soles, but I guess this all is because human anatomy doesn't matter much in this series. The characters' nice personalities and the fact that we love barefoot girls is what makes this precious.

  7. Nooooooooo! That contest was rigged! Rigged I tell you!

    Actually, it wasn't untill then that I realised how cute Misty is.

    This was a mega sized tribute as well. O_O

  8. Yeah MugiwaraLee, I also have trouble deciding a personal favorite among these girls too. I really liked Tea, Tifa and Kagome.

    You're right Match eventhough Morrigan got blasted by Ada in the last poll...I couldn't resist posting a tribute to her. I can't gurantee I'll find anything for her quite as good this time if she wins...but we'll see.

    Of Ash companions...May is probably my favorite as well Juancho. Thanks again for these pictures.

    Heh heh...which girl were you rooting for Torborg? Yeah...I'm really glad I was able to post so much for her.

    Thanks guys.

  9. Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!


    thank you so much!!!

  10. Thanks Richfeet, I'm really glad that you liked them. ^_^

  11. Yeahhhhhh!!!!
    Misty won. I allways thought she was the best.
    Although I would prefer to lean my head a sleep in her legs under a Christmas tree while she tender my hair.
    BTW in the Fighters poll you have forgoten to put Alice Nonomura from Bloody Roar.
    She IS hot.

  12. That does sound like a sweet situation involving Misty, Fighter. Alice? I haven't played bloody roar, but she sounds like a great character. I'll definitely look her up.

  13. great collection a lot i havent ever seen before

  14. Very good caps. Misty is an alright character on the series, but I could never get tired of seeing her pretty Feet

  15. She is beautiful!!!!!Me encanta ese personaje,si no vuelve no pienso ver pokemon..

  16. having watched pokemon 4ever yesterday - something just popped in2 my head... when misty got her knee twisted, she must have had brock help her 2 get her shoes off at the lake, she should have gotten him 2 massage her feet - savour the moment, oh well guess the coolness of the water (being a water gym leader)was more relaxing 4 her, all the same nice 2 see her feet.

  17. Would have loved to see that type of foot massage scene too. ^_^

  18. do Maka from Soul Eater, there are some good ones from episodes 21 and 31, although 31 isn't as clear

  19. O_O Thanks for tips and recommendations Black Viper. ^_^ Maka is really cute.

    I'll try to find those scenes. :-D

  20. I found another Maka scene at the beggining of episode 18

  21. O_O 3 episodes to check out for her...Thanks very much again Black Viper. ^_^

  22. Misty's another cutie in the Pokemon series. Can't decide which one of her bikinis she looks great in though. I wonder if Misty is ticklish. If she is, listening to her giggle and squeal as she's getting her feet and belly button tickled would be music to my ears