Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nami (Bonus)

Hi everyone...sorry its been a while since my last entry. I'm sort of trapped in the block where my midterms are leading into final exams and projects so it might be a little while before I can post at full power. To keep the site from going inactive for an extended period of is a tribute to the sexy female pirate Nami. ^_^

(These were capped from One Piece Weatheria storyline. Massive thank you to Richfeet for capping this awesome scene)

Fun fact about Nami. As a bit of fan service the animators of One Piece gradually increase her chest size throughout a story arc. O_O Talk about thinking outside of the box. :-D

Ok...It's getting late so I'll end things here tonight and leave you guys to admire Nami's feet. I'm working on a couple of sets simultaneously including a couple of martial artists, spellcasters, superheroines, deviant artists and some one shot sets. Hopefully a little bit of each of them should be posted before the month is up. :-D I also have some more scenes/pictures involving the sexy pirate above to post later. Remind me to come back to her guys!!

Have a good night everybody.


  1. I for one can never get tired of this sexy theifs feet.

    I also really like the sole shot at the very end, great post Triton

  2. mmm they made her barefoot practically throughout this entire episode, how much i wish she would stay barefoot all the time

    and i think your speaking for everyone BtW, i doubt anyone on this sight could get enough of her feet, makes one wish she was the one who ate the hana hana no mi lol

  3. The one thing bothers me when I look at these images is that from the front or tops of her feet, you can see some cute to sexy feet and toes; but when you look from the sole shots, the quality seems to drop almost as if the animators got a bit lazy. Also, I think the rest of One Piece tends to suffer from this same problem. -.-;

  4. Yes Matrix, especially when we can all recall Vivi's sole shot

  5. Thanks guys. Yeah I never get tired of seeing this girl's bare feet either.

    As for the quality of One Piece's animation...yeah the tops of these One Piece girl's feet seem a lot more detailed. Hopefully the animators will practice and improve their skills by giving us a lot more barefoot scenes in the future. :-D

  6. No problem Richfeet. Thank you for these awesome caps.

  7. Ok goes
    Flannery 1 to 1
    Azula 1 to 1 (She's neck to neck with Flannery)
    Mars 2 to 1 (Out of all the Sailor Moon girls she probably has the best chance of winning a poll. Of course I would be thrilled if she came from behind for the win :-D)
    Kimiko 5 to 1 (Xiaolin Showdown is fairly popular)
    Mai Shiruinai 5 to 1 (Would have put her above Kimiko if I had made my picks earlier...she is a popular character)
    Jean Grey 5 to 1(Would have put her above Kimiko if I had guessed earlier too. She is one of the hotter x-men characters.)
    Kyoko 7 to 1(Definitely a really cool fire babe in her own right. If only the black cat anime had ran a little longer she might be more well known.)
    Rouge 12 to 1 (Doing surprisingly well considering that she is ultra rare)
    Fire 15 to 1 (Also suffers from being a rare pick. On the plus side once her power get to see her bare feet pretty often)
    Volcana 20 to 1 (As sultry and seductive as this hot girl is...she's really rare. If only she appeared in more Superman episodes...she might have gone a lot further.)

  8. though i must admit this poll is just a popularity contest, as Azula and Flannery are the only two that are well known

  9. Alright, nice sets KSC

    Flannery: 1-1 (Pokemon girls seem to be rather popular as of late)

    Azula: 2-1 ( one of the two girls who has a real chance of catching up to Flannery)

    Mars: 2-1 ( Is doing the best out of the Sailor Moon girls so far and is the other half of the two gals of catching up to Flannery)

    Mai Shiruinai : 4-1 (She might not be doing well at the moment, but she is pretty popular with the KOF fans, she still has a longshot to win this)

    Kimiko: 5-1 (Talk about a sleeper, I did not expect to do this well)

    Jean Grey: 5-1 (This sexy Psychic still has a chance, but it's a small one.)

    Kyoko: 8-1 (Is doing pretty well, considering how she's a somewhat rare pick)

    Rogue: 10-1 (Is also doing well, considering how unknown her game is)

    Fire: 15-1 (This Brazilian hottie is struggling but does have her fans)

    Volcana: 18-1 (Despite being Seductively hot, she seems to suffer from only appearing in a small number of episodes in the Superman Series.)

  10. Match, every poll on this site is more or less a popularity contest.

  11. Great set of odds BTW. :-D

    Yeah there are a lot of rare girls this time around Match. I would add Mars in with the other two as being pretty well known though.

  12. O_O I didn't get them Digiharrisom.
    Where did you send them to? My account might not recieve it.

    Please try e-mailing me again at
    Make sure that you put two s's in Kingsside

    Thanks for your help.

  13. I love Nami so much ^_^ even if she doesn't wear boots as often as I'd like her to. Just to take them off, o' course :-D
    Great post!

  14. Yeah I would love to watch a scene involving Nami take off her footwear as well. :-)