Monday, November 30, 2009

Spellcaster Feet Part 2: Zatanna (Bonus)

Hi guys...the weekend was slightly more busy than I thought so I didn't get the chance to post the first DA tribute yet. Since this week my schedule is pretty tight...I think that I'll post them next weekend instead. Match really managed to get a lot of really awesome artists to participate and I want to make sure that I do them justice. I'll also post the intended spotlights part two and 3 over the next series of posts. Ok...just so this isn't just a message is a tribute to the second spellcaster the hot magician Zatanna.

(These are various webfinds collected from different sources. In particular I once again have to thank Otakuphrenia and Comic Vine for posting soon really cool images for me to use.)

Like Amalia, Zatanna also makes a really nice double fantasy combination being a soceress and superhero at the same time. As an fellow author once pointed out to me...her sexy choice of footwear probably means her feet could use a lot of attention by the end of a day. I think all of us would love to be there to help her take off her pumps and stockings after an exhausting magic show and give her sore and tired feet a nice massage. Not only that...just think that this hot heroine has the power to shrunk you, turn you into her insole or make you her foot pet with a couple of words. Hot!!!

Ok...with November rapidly coming to a close, its the last chance to vote in the current poll everyone. I'll post the poll results, a new poll and a tribute to the winner very soon.

Have a great day everybody.


  1. Great post Triton, Zatanna I always liked Zatanna ever since her apperance in the web cartoon "Gothem Girls"

    Oh and clever idea with the banner KSC, Magic Girl's feet do indeed rock :-D

  2. Zatanna's great, though I wish she went barefoot more. I actually have that issue of Gotham City Sirens where she gets pulled into the tub. Irritatingly, it's a comic about three villainesses who team up (Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Catwoman), which would be awesome but for some reason the artist chose to portray Ivy wearing shoes instead of the usual barefoot incarnation... phooey.

    Anyway, great post, KSC!

  3. Thanks guys.

    O_O I've heard about that cartoon Breakthewalls but I haven't had the chance to see it it good? I learned about Zatanna from her appearance in the Animated series. :-)

    Thanks for comment on the banner. ^_^

    It's true Sole Keeper. I'd love to see Zatanna barefoot more often as well. I also wish Poison Ivy was barefoot in that series as well.

    Speaking of Gotham Sirens, for those that are interested in it, Harley has a few barefoot scenes in it as well. I would have really love to see Conundrum go barefoot too though.

  4. Yeah, it's a pretty entertaining. No foot scenes in it though, but that's to be expected since it's in flash.

    Here's the lists and links of the episodes.

  5. Oh and how dare you not post a barefoot Harley yet KSC! >_>

  6. O_O Thanks for the link BTW. I'm looking forward to watching that series. As for Harley. She's coming up. :-)