Sunday, November 1, 2009

Poll of the Month 18 Results

Ok...sorry for the delay in posting this everyone. As you probably already noticed (provided the sexy witch below wasn't too distracting) the October Poll of the month has come to an end. After an impressive 2017 are the results:

It looked like the Pokemon Trainer Dawn managed to catch the most votes this time around charming her way to head of the poll and proving that her feet are the ones that most voters would like to tickle. In second place was the female pirate Nami and the barefoot earthbender Toph easily claimed 3rd place. No need to feel bad for the rest of these tomboys...they all proved to have foot tickling fans of their own and everyone at least scored in the double digits. ^_^

Just want to thank everyone for sharing their opinions and voting in this one. I'll try to keep them in mind in the future. I'll also post a tribute to the cute Pokemon trainer soon. ;-)

Ok...gonna have to cut things short this morning. I added a new poll of the month involving Fire girls to replace the last one...but I'll talk more about it when I get back.

Have a Great Day Everybody!!


  1. Kind of ironic that Dawn won, since, according to some, her tom boy conditionals are questionable.....

    I personally wanted Eileen to win, since she had a frankenstiener like move ( I guess you guys know why I liked her ;) )

  2. which Tomboy's feet would I want to tickle the most? That would be the annoying ninja girl Yuffie.

    That girl's feet need to be tickled and they need to be tickled hard. First for that obnoxious way that you have to recruit her where she steals your money if you don't answer her questions in a specific way and then for that stupid subquest that she traps you in.

    Like I have nothing better to do than play hide and seek with you for my Materia back you brat!!

    Yuffie you are on my list!

  3. Yeah BTW...I guess she's so cute that people really want to tickle her. :-D

    Yeah I imagine Eileen's scissor move was a huge selling point for you. :-D She's a good choice. ^_^

  4. Wow, KSC. Yuffie really knew how to push your buttons ;D

    Personally I would also love to tickle her feet as well, but I won't use my hands, I'll use my tongue ;)

    And yes, Eileens frankstiener move was one of the reasons why I voted for her :D

  5. Lol I remember that kings. And I voted for Yuffie as well. Why are pokemon trainers so popular btw? Seriously I already know who is gonna win the fire girl one. I am the only one who has voted for volcana so far lol

  6. King, I don't know how to send messages (Or even if you can!) But you always have some people notifying you of series and episodes to post, well I have one. That would be the series King of the Hill by Mike Judge, season 4, episode 23. Peggy gets tricked into showing her feet for a website. Tons of caps for that episode. I voted for Dawn too.

  7. I agree with BreaktheWalls, Eileen's an excellent choice to have on the list mainly as there's so little fanworks of her posted anywhere. Plus, she's so cute and I'd love to have her toes all up in my face! lol

    As for Dawn, oy... I honestly don't see the appeal. Maybe it's due to Nintendo's over saturation of Pokemon on tv and video games for her popularity, but I don't like her very much. Same can go for many of the other characters in that series, aside from Jessie and even that's debatable.

    I guess I'm just not into Pokemon enough to care though.

  8. Yeah, among pokemon, misty ad jessica are really the only ones I even slighly like. We need to fight for everything NOT pokemon.

  9. Her name is Rouge not Rogue KSC

  10. Yeah Breakthewalls. Yuffie gets me really fired up. ^_^; I also like your prefered method of tickling. :-)

    Yeah For You, Pokemon's popularity seems way up these days. Characters from that show, Naruto and One Piece tend to dominate any poll I give. When I created it I knew Flannery would have a good shot in this one but I also thought that Azula, Jean Grey and Sailor Mars would provide some competition for her since they are pretty well known. Volcana is great pick. She's really hot.

    Thanks for tip El Qwerty Man that sounds like a really great episode. Dawn's a nice choice. I imagine her feet are really soft from being in her boots all day.

    Oh yeah having Eileen's toes in your face does sound massively hot Ayane Matrix. I'd love to be teased by her feet. I know where you're coming from...Pokemon tends to be really overmarketed. I have to admit I like a lot of the characters in the series though. ^_^;

    Which character did you wind up rooting for DW?

    Oops Match...It's times like this that I wish Blogger would let me edit a poll after votes have been cast in it. I hope that I didn't cost the hot Gypsy girl any votes by misspelling her name. ^_^;

  11. I was also expecting Yuffie to win, she's mighty cute! But, noetheless my votes going for Mai Shiranui this month and hopefully Kyoku if she doesn't win :D

  12. Everyone vote for Rei!!!!!!!!!!1

  13. O_O Both of those women are great choices IceNinja9276. ^_^

    *Gives James a huge thumbs up* I like the way you think.

    That's aright DW. Can't say I didn't try with this one though.

  14. I don't see the appeal to the pokemon girls period... none of them have a memorable personality or good looks, and they all have the same chubby feet. :P

  15. for every girl except Misty, right Bunny?