Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pokemon: Dawn (Bonus)/Poll of the Month 19 was a little delayed but as promised here are a tribute involving the hot Pokemon Trainer Dawn. Since a few have argued that Dawn's credentials as a tomboy leave a lot to be desired (which will no doubt be exacerbated by the fact that I'm posting a lot of pictures of her donning a formal contest dress), I added a few pictures of the other Pokemon girls into the mix including one of the more overt Pokemon tomboys. ;-) Enjoy guys!!

(These are a combination of webfinds and caps from various episodes of the Pokemon anime. I really have to give a huge thank you to the Pokemon fan Juancho for going out of way capping and scouring the net for rare pictures involving this beautiful pokemon trainer's feet. Two sites that we really would like to credit for these pictures in particular include Otakuphrenia and JJAPrice15's photobucket site.)

I think a lot the best moments involving Dawn's feet in the anime were posted in my first bonus here: what makes Dawn the girl whose feet most people would like to tickle? I think its the fact that she's a really cute character and her footwear just seems to draw fetishists into fantasies involving her feet. Just imagine soft and sweaty her feet must be from being in those hot boots all the time With regard to tickling, being the sweet fun loving and energetic character that she is...I think that she would probably enjoy it. I can also picture her laughing pretty hard and kicking her feet around as she feels you run your fingertips up and down her soles. ^_^

Alright, as you probably already noticed...I added a new poll for this month. This one deals with one of my favorites types of women...Fire girls. Just imagine how nice and warm their feet are inside their footwear. Having them rub their soles against your face and body seems like the perfect way to warm up on a cool day. With that in mind, this month's question is...if you had your choice of firebabe to do that to you...who would it be? As with the other polls voting is anonymous and you don't need a blogger account to vote. I'd love to see what your opinions are.

Ok I'm working some new sets for November. I'll try to have the next one posted soon.

Have a great day everyone!!


  1. And let the controversy begin!

    In all honestly, I'm not really mad about the fact Dawn won, since I like her and while the fact that she's tomboy is arguably debatable, the cuteness of her feet are not :)

    As for this poll, I voted for Mai, since she has a foot scissor move ;)

  2. im still stating she shouldnt have even been in that poll, she is in no way a tomboy she is a girly girl

  3. Yeah. Dawn's no tomboy. "My hair!" "My Clothes!" She's just a princess. Toph should have won if you ask me.

  4. i think the only reason she won was because she is more publicly known than the other characters that were put on the poll

    True Toph is practically the dictionary definition of Tomboy. Not to mention all of the pics i sent here to have posted were only sole shots, there are plenty of foot shots still left out there

  5. I always seem to vote for the less popular girls. Weird

  6. Well, I've already voted for Mai, even though Azula ranks a very close second. lol

    As for Dawn, I've already said enough about her previously, but I also wished that Eileen had picked up more votes. I guess she's nowhere near as popular outside fighting game fans.

  7. That picture with Volkner carrying Dawn is hot :)

    I wonder if Dawn will use open-toed shoes for Contests the future.

    I'm also aware Dawn is not a tomboy, but who cares since people wanted her. And for those who didn't, I took a few pictures of the tomboy that is closest to Dawn: her Pokémon Contest rival, Zoey!

    Zoey is a tomboyish Coordinator that uses suits instead of dresses for Pokémon Contests. Her voice is low-pitched, her hair is short, and you'd never see her wearing a skirt of such girly things. The point is that in one episode, "A Stand-Up Sit-Down!" she injures her foot and Brock's lucky hands are the ones that take care of her. We never see her feet fully bared, but this scene left me wishing for that. Here are the pictures:
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

    We can see her in the background of one if the pictures of this bonus.

  8. Whew back after a busy day. looks like a lot of people thought their favorite tomboy was robbed this time around. :-)I'm try to make a note of each of the tomboys that you guys like for the future.

    Material wise...I think that Toph definitely would have been the easiest to find stuff for. I was leaning towards her pedicure in Strange tales of Ba Sing Se and the scene where Momo was licking her feet that Mhar recommended. I also have some good material involving Kagura, Lita and Tatsuki and I don't think Nami would have been too hard to find (just got a couple of caps for her last night). Ayane Matrix has already mentioned what I was planning to post if Sakura won. I think the hardest to search for would have been Yuffie and Eileen (Ten Ten wears sandals all the time :-D). That said...all of them should be posted eventually.

    As for the next poll...this one I'm really enjoying cause I really have a crush on all of the women in it. I'm looking forward to seeing how you everyone votes this time around and you guys are making some great picks so far.^_^

    Also thanks very much for that scene involving Zoey Juancho. It was really hot and yeah Brock definitely looks like he lucked out in that one. ^_^