Friday, November 27, 2009

Spellcaster Feet Part 1: Amalia (Wakfu)

Maxing out my 4 day weekend for all that it is is the second of three major Thanksgiving bonus sets...this one is a tribute for the hot spell caster Amalia from the series Wakfu. Remember to pick up your jaw guys. ;-)

(This awesome combination of webfinds and caps from the French Wakfu cartoon series come directly from the Legendary Master of Sole Shots...Match25 himself.)

The double combination of a barefoot Tribal girl and a magic user is a really overpowering mix. When Match first showed me these caps...I found myself staring at this woman's feet for several minutes fantasizing about how nice it would be to have her soles in my face. Just imagine the cool spells that she can cast on you to make a foot worship session all the more enjoyable. ^_^

Amalia marks the first dive into a series of Magic girl bonuses that well probably run through most of December. More information on that to come in the future.

Ok...I had a second set of spotlights planned but I got back rather late tonight so I'll post them in the morning. (Just enjoy these pictures for now.) I'll also post the final Thanksgiving bonus...the first of a series of tribute to the artists of Deviant Art before the weekend is up.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!!


  1. Got to love those Tribal girls, who do not have any need for things like shoes XD

    Not only that but she looks really cute as well :D

  2. Interesting. I've never even heard of Wakfu.

  3. its still mainly in french, i watched the entire 13 episodes without subs. Though it was easily worth it to get such lovely shots.

    MMM its just so hard to resist a pair of tan soles even without a spell

  4. and Amalia has such a cute voice even though i had no clue what she was saying, i hope they dont ruin that when its dubbed

  5. there is more wakfu here:

    gonna see this animation for myself.
    great post ksc.

  6. Thanks everyone.

    Yeah barefoot Tribal girls are great BTW. :-)

    Yeah the series was new to me as well DW. I was really blown away when Match introduced me to her.

    It's true Match...her tan feet are awesome. ^_^ Now I'm curious about what she sounds like in French.

    O_O Thanks for the Deviant Art Site Richfeet. Those pictures are really nice. :-)

  7. Wow, I love the art style and the character design of this Amalia is really nice. I wish this series was more widely available. Great stuff, KSC! ^_^

  8. here you go KSC

  9. Match you're so right about her having a cute french dubbed voice :D

  10. Too true, she really sounds great, though I can only understand like three words she says lol (Took three years of French and forgot it in about a week >_> )

  11. same with me with Spanish, though only a semester

  12. oh to hear that cute voice laughing as her soles are being tickled, that would be a treat

  13. Heh, odd thing is though, I can somewhat read French, like in the description in the youtube video. The thing that I have trouble is understanding what their saying

    Meh, I think I'll prefer to have that cute voice teasing me while I worship her feet or she has me in a headscissor lock :D

  14. O_O She does have a really nice French voice. :-)

    My fantasy involving her has her teasing me by rubbing her feet in my face while she uses me as a footstool.

  15. so through this set it is clear that

    BtW: Prefers the Head sissors
    Match25: Prefers giving foot massages/tickling
    KSC: Prefers being a foot stool

  16. Yeah, that pretty much sums us up in regards to this set....and probably every set XD

    But I think no one on this site would complain about being her foot stool,scissor dummy and/or kicking bag and I bet everyone on this site will not hesitate to massage, worship and/or tickle her cute tribal feet :D

  17. Hello new favorite...yeah, I like this one. The two in particular I'm gonna need a cold shower for though are the one with the apparently sticky stuff taking hold of her feet and tying them together.

    I would actually go out just to find those episodes...less of course one of you awesome guys (or girls, can't be too sure cause of rule 34) could tell me.

    Also, can anyone here direct me to a story(ies) with a lot of physical punishment with feet?

    This is a lot for a n00b to be throwing out. P-E-A-C-E!

  18. I haven't had a chance to watch these episodes yet DGC but here is a link that Match gave me for them.
    Hmm physical punishment with feet stories?...Try googling Mistress Destiny Femdom Forums. It has some pretty good domination and trampling stories.

    Best of luck.

  19. was able to get ahold of more eps of Wakfu, expect more of this lovely tribal girl in the future

  20. What episode is that @ screenshot 26?

  21. i cant recall, but i believe it is somewhere between 8-12

  22. Evangelyne has some pretty sole scenes too, y'know.

    1. We really need to do a tribute to her soon.