Wednesday, November 25, 2009

School Rumble (Mega-Bonus) w/ Spotlights last megapost before the Thanksgiving tributes sets. :-) A tribute to all the women of Schoolhouse Rumble series. Enjoy Everyone!!

(A huge thanks to the Master of Webfinding Mr. E for tracking down these awesome pictures)

This series is new to me so my knowledge is pretty limited. Wikipedia lists it as a romantic comedy type of Manga focusing on High school girls. (Definitely a huge draw in my book :-D) The manga was popular enough in Japan to run for 22 volumes and inspire its own OAV anime and sequel. It looks like the series has a variety of attractive women in it and if the pictures above are any indication, they find themselves in provocative and scantily clad situations pretty regular. ;-)

Ok...I had a lot of spotlights for this week so I decided to split it up into 3 segments. The first segment covers Superheroine's and Comic Book feet. Here goes...

Superheroine Spotlights:
Ok...Three stories to Spotlight tonight...

First off...thanks to additions from the 2233445, Zinkro, Breakthewalls and a User Person my Comic Book Women's Feet Interactive ( has finally gone over the 200 chapter mark. :-) Included among the the massive amount of recent additions are chapters involving being a tiny pet to a Giant Batgirl, licking Supergirl's feet, and a brand new Wonder Woman arc involving you massaging her feet and getting shrunk by one of her biggest female foes.

Another really cool interactive involving Superheroine feet to make its debut this week is the Dr. Awesome Funk's Superhero Foot Fetish ( This one has you taking on the role of a teenage superhero who explores his foot fetish with the female villainesses he goes up against and the heroines that her works with. The really nice thing about this interactive is that there are a lot of different types of villainesses available including a martial arts girl, a fire girl (woo hoo!!) a Catgirl and a hacker. So far this interactive is just starting out but there already are some really nice additions involving the main character getting dominated by the Icy villainess Frostbite's feet and giving his superhero partner Action Girl a foot massage. Authors who have added to this interactive include Dr Awesome Funk himself, Robotsnakeman, Weaver of Dreams and Footpaw.

The last interactive, Batman's Small Problem by HawkGTS (, has the caped crusader shrinking and dealing with Giant Heroines and Villainesses. With a lot of other cool GTS situations as well...this interactive has several threads involving villainesses using their feet to play with and torture a tiny Batman including a giant Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. My favorite chapters involve Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn torturing a tiny Batman with their feet, Catwoman putting Batman inside her boots, and Harley making both Batman and the Joker her insoles but make sure to check out the rest of the interactive as well. Authors of note in this interactive include Hawkgts, Qwertyers, Crazyhood, and Mugiwara.

Ok...that's basically it for now...I'm going to try to do a lot over the Thanksgiving break including posting some more spotlights and starting two more major sets. Next up...a hot Spellcaster.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


  1. I got to admit, these girls are really cute. I like the blonde the best (her hair style reminds me of Sailor Moon)

    I wouldn't mind being a foot stool to these girls and then having them pratice their combat skills on me....first lesson, scissor holds XD

  2. O_O Didn't think of that. It's true.

    Oh yeah being a dummy for them to practice their skills does sound like fun. :-)

  3. Alright! One of my favorite animes! I will admit,it's kind of a guilty pleasure for me because it's considered shoujo. Anyway,I'm quite attracted to Yakumo. I think her and her feet are hotter than Tenma

  4. Hey KSC awesome stuff um do you have an email or something cause i have some some anime feet pics that you will like ^-^

  5. Such a huge collection... thanks!

  6. Thanks guys. ^_^

    Oh e-mail is Crow.

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