Friday, January 15, 2010

DA Christmas Bonus Part 3 (Updated)

Update: It took me a while but I finally finished adding the captions for this one. ^_^ Since I originally posted this entry last month...I moved it up temporarily so you guys can see them. :-)

Alright, here is the next set of Deviant Art pictures. This bonus is dedicated to a special brand of creative artists who have a style all their own. Every artist has their own techniques and it often happens that a person can look at a picture and tell right away who was the artist who created it. These artists take that a step further infusing their own style into every picture. Gotta love images with personality. :-) Anyway here goes...


If you look at Hect06's artwork, you can pretty much recognize the images were drawn by him. He's managed to add his own creative touch and even popular characters like Storm and Toph are infused with his style of drawing. (That third image of!! O_O) I like how he makes the characters he draws look both cute and energetic at the same. Just look at the three hotties practically jumping off the page in the first picture. (I would so love to take their kicks head on :-D). One of my favorite things about his style is the way the cute way he draws a character's soles. They look so baby soft, smooth and shiny. ^_^ He also has a great way of drawing a character's eyes too getting them to sparkle with energy. You can really see how alive his characters are in the second image where the cute blond is playing with the cat. I love the way he handled the lighting in that image too making the girl's skin shine under the sunlight. In the images where he adds a background (2 and 4 though I like circle in 1 and 4 too), he really adds a lot of detail. The autumn leaves in the fourth picture are a gorgeous touch.

Hect06's gallery has an awesome collection of images in it. There's a ton of barefoot/sandaled fantasy girls to gaze upon including some popular cartoon/anime/videogame characters like Harley Quinn, Cammy, and Emma Frost. Hect06 also has a couple of really good blogs that I highly recommend checking out. The most popular one devoted to his artwork contains manga -style drawings of female characters, drawing tutorials, fanart and other goodies.


Boshibaro's pieces are the type of artwork you can't help smiling when you see. He really adds a lot of personality into his drawing taking familiar characters that we know and love and making them his own. You can notice his stylistic depictions of characters with Betty Boop, Jessica Rabbit and "Helloooo Nurse" in the first two pictures. (Speaking of which I really loved his choices of characters. :-D The rabbit ears on Jessica looked really hot and it was totally awesome seeing the Animaniac's nurse show some sole. ;-) ). His most dramatic depiction for me however, was his was drawing involving Toph (pic 4). I like the way he added an amount of originality to the character, while at the same can still tell it was her. She looks really cute and playful playing cards like that and her dirty soles propped up on the table is really reminiscent of one of my favorite avatar moments involving her. Another cute and playful image is the picture involving the Pink haired girl on the swing. She looks totally adorable in the Rainbow T-Shirt. :")

This artist's gallery has a lot of really cool images. With 470 deviations (and counting), just imagine how many really cool anime, cartoon and comic book characters Boshibaro has managed to add to his gallery. I was completed blown away by his interpretations of Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Sango and most recently Phoebe. O_O He also has some other cool artwork in his gallery as well. :-)


I added Ctoon's artwork to this section because he has an really interesting method of creating pictures. I was staring at the first image of this attractive beauty sleeping peacefully for a long time and honestly couldn't figure how he did that one. The picture sort of has a CG feel to it but at the same time the girl looks a little too realistic to be a complete CG model. I was thinking it might be a type of photoshop collage. I did eventually find out the answer by visiting his DA page and was really impressed. ;-) Technological prowess and artistic skill are an awesome combination. Ctoon's second picture blew my mind entirely. Seeing several gorgeous pairs of soles lined up one after another is definitely foot fetish overload to the max. :-D Make sure that you see the image in full size guys.

If you visit Ctoon's Deviant art addition to the answer to the conundrum posted above, you'll find a nice amount of foot fetish related artwork. There's also one really cool surprise there that I don't want to spoil but suffice it to say...its interactive fun. ^_^


Kd8lmno style of drawing his characters make them the perfect combination between cute and sexy. You can really tell by looking at these girls that they have a lot of personality. I like their long eyelashes and the attention given to the wrinkles in their soles. It's like these girls are playfully teasing you with their feet scrunching their soles just to draw attention to them. I also really like his original character Robin, the white haired girl featured in the last 3 shots a lot. She seems like a cool character and I like the different outfits she is wearing showing different sides of her personality. Whether she is wearing a handband or relaxing and enjoying a refreshing drink, she manages to look really hot. :-D The other two girls (both the brown-haired Trish and the green-haired Celeste) are awesome.

Kd8lmno's gallery offers a lot more of his original characters including the three vixens above. As if that wasn't enough incentive to give his gallery a visit...a couple of the characters available there include hot villainesse. :-D

Ok a huge thank you to the artists Hect06, boshibaro, CToon and Kd8lmno for sharing their artwork with us. Please visit their respective pages if you have the chance. Also a huge thank you to the Master of Sole Shots Match25 for tying this bonus together. ^_^ When gorgeous women show off their sole and Toph visits this blog...its a safe bet to say that he is responsible for it. :-)

Just a quick note on these bonuses. If you guys look over the last sets, you'll probably notice that I've added a little bit of information about some of the artists. Before this bonus is complete, I'm hoping to have a commentary segment for every artist who contributed as well as a paragraph giving information about their galleries including the artists for this set. It might take me a while to get all the commentaries up so I uploaded the pictures first but I'll try and have them finished soon. :-D

Ok...more DA bonuses to come in the near future. Happy Holidays!!


  1. got to love all of these artists who love soft female soles

  2. Thus far everything looks great! They're well done compositions replete with a lot of personality. Thanks for featuring mine in this entry; I'm most flattered. :)


  3. After bunch of great art work. My personal favorite is the one of Storm in Hect06 ^_^

  4. It's true Match.

    No problem. Thanks very much for the awesome artwork Jay. I really liked your pictures very much.

    Yeah BreakTheWalls. That's one of my favorites too. :-)