Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Katara (Mega-Bonus)/Poll of the Month 21 W/ Spotlights

Sorry this one took me so long to get up guys but here is Katara's tribute. On the plus has over 100 caps. Enjoy Everyone!!

(These are a combination of caps from various episodes of Avatar and a couple of webfinds. Once again I have to give a huge thank you to the Legendary Master of Sole Shot Match25 for tipping me off and capping some of these scenes. Episodes capped include "Tales of Ba Sing Se", "The Beach", "The Runaway", "The Southern Raiders" and "Sozin's Comet".)

So what makes Katara's feet the ones that most voters would be happy to clean for her? Well besides the obvious reason that she is a really exotic beauty, (I really love her sparkling blue eyes), she's also a really cool character. In the Azula and Mai tributes, I talked about how the Avatar characters have really complex and interesting personalities and Katara is no exception. On the one hand she's really sweet and acts as the mother figure in the group but at the same time she has her own inner demons that she has to conquer as the series progresses. I was watching "The Southern Raiders" again in preparation for this episode and it really reminded how strong a character that she really is. It is not just her awesome waterbending abilities (which really do kick ass), but some real strength of character as well. Katara's hopeful outlook in the first season is often taken for granted and even parodied by haters, fans and series creators alike but you really have to admire someone who can maintain a optimistic outlook when the world is burning around them. It just shows how much conviction and determination Katara possesses; Qualities we get to see in full force when she struggles for recognition after being rejected from training by a Water Master for being a girl. I think the fight sums up Katara's personality perfectly. She gets knocked down again and again but just keeps getting up and coming back fighting even harder. This is something that we get to see her demonstrate repeatedly as the series progresses right up to its conclusion. Watching the series through this water bender never ceased to impress and you really have bow down to her and kiss her feet out of reverence. :-D

Ok as you guys probably noticed, I added a brand new Poll of the Month. This one lets you pick your favorite Martial Arts girl. The great thing about a female Martial Artists is that her feet are really powerful. Just imagine what it would be like if she used them to dominate you; kicking you around or rubbing them in your face and forcing you to worship them. With that in mind, the current poll asks you if you could chose to be a kickbag for a hot martial arts girl, who would it be? As always voting is anonymous and you don't need a blogger account to vote so anybody that wants to can participate. I'd love to see what your opinions are. Have fun guys!!

Let's see...Katara bonus...check. Talk about new poll of the month...check. Act as a footstool and footcleaner for Ino Yamanaka...check. Release a new set of spotlights...che- oh wait... ^_^;

It's been a long time since I've spotlighted any stories and there's been a lot of really great writing that I want to acknowledge since then. Because I have over 20 stories that I would like to talk about, I decided to split up the spotlights and post them throughout the month. For this entry, let's focus on the recent wave of awesome storylines taking place involving the Kingdom Hearts girls.

First off...there's Kingdom Hearts Foot Fetish Interactive by Howdyboy
I've talked about this recently rebuilt interactive in the past but over the last 3 months its seen a lot of really good additions. Kairi fans will definitely be really thrilled. There are also some really great storylines involving Tifa, Yuffie, Aerith, Selphie, Olette and Namine as well as promising starts for Xion and Larxene. My favorite new storylines in the interactive include Kairi receiving a foot massage, Sora revealing his foot fetish to Selphie, and a chapter involving Kairi giving her opinion on Sora's fetish. Current chapters for this one have been written by Howdyboy himself, Huh?, Breakthewalls and Footpaw. Just watch out for some X-rated material while you are reading this one. ^_^;

I also really like the spin-off interactive to this one as well...Kingdom Hearts Foot Fetish 2 (also by Howdyboy) focusing on Roxas having a foot fetish.
I've spotlighted this interactive pretty often in the past because I really liked the storyline involving Larxene and Paine, (Did I mention the one involving Rikku?). This interactive has continued to receive some great additions since the last time I was here including some chapters involving Paine getting her feet tickled, Kairi rubbing her feet in Roxas' face and Selphie catering to Roxas' foot fetish. Authors who have currently added to this interactive include Howdyboy himself, Shanks, Dr. Awesomefunk, WeaverofDreams and BreaktheWalls.

Last up we have Kingdom Heart Shrinking interactive by Zinkro.
This interactive takes the Kingdom Hearts characters and adds a huge GTS twist to thing. I think I've covered the Larxene storyline (which I really recommend reading) in the past but there are a lot of other chapters there that are worth checking out as well. One of them, involving a hot asian Disney character, ^_^;was even added earlier this year. My favorite storylines in the interactive include Jasmine playing with a Tiny Sora, Kairi forcing a tiny Sora to service her feet and a new ongoing storyline involving Mulan (woo-hoo). Huge props to this interactive's moderator as well as the authors Albo, Breakthewalls, Shanks and Lelouch for making this an interactive exciting to read. :-D

Alright...that will do it for now. Once again...I'm juggling a lot of things at once. 3 awesome DA bonuses left to post, some more spellcasters, as well as a lot of other cool material I'm behind on capping and posting that I need to upload. *whew* So much to do and so little time. ^_^;

Anyway, more to come soon. Have a great day everyone!


  1. Katara is a cutie. You even got screencaps with Toph as well. Excellent Work.

  2. Toph is still the best girl of the Avatar series, Katara was always way too emotional for my taste. Though she does have nice feet

  3. Finally, this one as been a long time coming for this exotic waterbending cutie. She's actually my second fave Avatar girl of the series (Suki's my overall fave)

    This was a great post :D

  4. While I prefer Azula, I do admit she's rather cute. ...Though Toph sort of upstages her, even though she's only in this for a few screencaps. >_>

  5. Woho! Katara is finally inducted with the anime feet girls, great! ^_^, it would be great to give her a foot bath. For the winner, I shall make a interactive about her.

    Awesome snapshots guys. $$

  6. This is a very nice post, and the ones with Toph in them are a nice bonus. I like Katara on the second of my fave girls of Avatar, but Toph is always number 1.

  7. Also, I found this edit video containing mostly scenes of an Barefoot kunochi girl named Tsubura from an anime called Shura No Toki

  8. got to love the work of SoleTaker aka SolePatrol

  9. 0_0 man, she's hot. Also looks like she knows how to fight too....wouldn't mind to worship her feet and get put in a headscissor by her legs :D

  10. haha, yeah, the last avatar girl that hasn't shown her feet is ty lee ^_^ (hint hint)

  11. Wonderful post, KSC!!!

    Katara is an awesome heroine and her evolution from being just a sidekick in the first season to a full-on kick-ass arch-bender in the second and third seasons of Avatar are just too great. And of course, whenever she bares her feet are just moments of pleasure for all of her fans. Truly a babe with feet to worship. Man, that Aang is one lucky Avatar to have her feet to snuggle up with. ^_^

    That said, Toph is still the no. 1 barefoot babe in Avatar. Heheh...

  12. Thanks everyone. ^_^

    My favorite Avatar girl will always be Azula (Super-hot dominating bad girl)but the other girls rock as well. I'm glad that all the main characters have at least one good foot scene under their belt.

    Thanks SFD, I tried to include Toph's feet whenever possible with this one. :-)

    Definitely have to love a girl who shows her bare feet all the time Match. ^_^

    Thank BreakTheWalls. I like Suki a lot too.

    Great taste in Women Bunny. :-) Yeah its hard not to focus on a Tomboy pointing her soles towards you. :-)

    Thanks Money $igh O_O An interactive about Katara sounds really cool.

    Thanks P. Yeah I really loved that clip. It was an awesome compilation of scenes. Barefoot Ninja girls rock.

    Ty Lee being left out David? Hmm...might have to remedy that one. ^_^

    Thanks Sole Keeper. Yeah Aang is definitely really lucky to have Katara as a girlfriend.

    I was tallying up the character preferences.
    Katara 2
    Suki 1 (She's my second fave av girl btw)
    Azula 2
    Ty Lee 1
    Toph 3
    Wow a lot of Toph fans. Really have to take that into account. ^_^

  13. KSC im shocked you didnt change the comment in your banner to "worshiping water bender feet since 2007" or something along those lines

  14. Well, I can say w/o a doubt that Ten-Ten is going to win this round. Start getting those pics, this looks like a picture perfect win for Tenny.

  15. Also this poll is a bit unfair, if they new about Momoko from Sumomomo Momomo everyone would be voting for her

    Word of advice everyone, she is a Barefoot girl. Always barefoot (except later she wears shoes to school as they are a gift from the main characater, obviously not a foot fetishest)

  16. Yeah it's true Match, these polls sometimes just feel like popularity contests (granted that's what they kind of are....but I digress). If they know more about Ryomou then I'm sure she would be doing better....I mean how can not love an eye-patch french-maid outfit wearing girl whose a submission hold specialist and employs scissor-holds as one of her most deadly techniques ;D

  17. oh yeah! somomomo momomo.

    up to episode 13 she is barefoot alot.

    but shes still fights barefoot in

    that kungfu outfit she got.

  18. she is barefoot, has pink hair, and can kick butt, remind you of anyone else that has been on this site hehehe

  19. Definitely starting to prepare for that possibility Money$ign. ^_^

    I was thinking Sarah might be suffering from a lack of familiarity as well guys. It's hard to believe that a hot blond who introduces herself like this (7 secs in...thanks to the Sole Keeper for this clip) wouldn't have hundreds of footboys begging to be her kickbag.

    Wow...she spends 13 episodes completely barefoot Richfeet. O_O *Goes into barefoot shock*

    Barefoot pink haired kick butt martial artist...sounds an awful lot like Maylene. ^_^ Thought of Sakura too...if only we were treated to that sexy Ninja hottie going barefoot a little more often. :-D

  20. Nice screen caps. I haven't seen this show yet, but it looks quite interesting, especually if there is BareFoot moments with the girls on it

  21. Thanks Calvin. Avatar is one of my favorite Cartoon series and yeah there are definitely a lot of cool barefoot moments to enjoy with this one. :-D

    My favorite occurs in the final episode. ;-)

  22. Ah, Katara. So gorgeous. But she can never replace Azula in my heart, no matter what.