Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Great DA Bonus Part 5

After a short break we're back. :-D Continuing with the Deviant Art Mega-series, here is a segment dedicated to Computer Generated artwork. As a gamer and comp-sci major, I really love CG characters and environments a lot and am really amazed by how realistic and detailed they could look. (I would love to be able to make artwork like that. ^_^)When you look at a CG videogame, it almost has a 3d element to it; characters look and feel like they are popping off your screen and the environments just seem to pull you in. These artists' pictures manage to evoke those same feelings. Anyway in the spirit of the later Final Fantasy games, Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball, Virtua Fighter and Assassin's is a tribute to the DA artists that operate on the cutting edge of technology.


Sejimei really goes all out with his CG artwork. Not only are his characters and backgrounds really detailed, (just look at the relaxing beach scene in the first shot or the intense dinosaur action scene in the final, his characters are really creative. Take the gorgeous Medusa in the second shot. Who would have thought that Snake girls could be so sexy? Then there's his Catgirl. O_O Just imagine having her soft feet pressed against your face. mmm!!

Sejimei's gallery's biggest feature is there's a really cool ongoing comic storyline featuring the characters depicted above. The cat girl (Pagan) is the main character. O_O I really recommend reading this comic series through because the comic is action-packed. It includes some spectacular fight scenes, dramatic moments, some sizzling romances, not to mention some more hot woman too ;-) all of which is depicted with this artists beautiful artwork. In addition to his ongoing comic book storyline, there are some other really cool 3d images in his gallery as well...definitely check this one out. ^_^


I love the detail in the above image. Not only is the girl really hot but I really like her facial expression. It just seems to have a lot of emotion behind it. Maybe its the way she looking off into the distance or lifting her eyebrows in a concerned fashion but there's just something really realistic and familiar about it. I also like her dress a lot as really very sexy. ^_^There's a lot of detail in the background too. If I had seen the grass by itself, I probably wouldn't have been able to tell that it was Computer Generated. The apple cider is a nice extra touch too.

Ayane Matrix's gallery has a lot of really cool CG artwork in it with several images dedicated to beautiful women posing as well as finding themselves in compromising situations. O_O In addition to the main gallery also be sure to check out Ayane Matrix's favorites as well. He has one of the best collections of Soul Eater's Medusa artwork available on Deviant art.





Ok...once again I would like to give a huge Thank You to the artists Seijimei, Ayane Matrix, Larcen Tyler, Ean-Sze, Soldier2000 and Teturo for allowing me to post their artwork here as well as the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for organizing these bonuses. Please Note that: As with the last DA sets...I'm intending to post a commentary section for each one of these artists but it will probably to take me a while to complete. (Still need to post DA bonus 3's commentary as well). I'll update both sets throughout the week. ^_^ For now just enjoy the pictures and links guys. :-)

Alright, two more sets of DA pictures coming up guys. Have a great day everyone!!


  1. mmm they are all mouth watering, once again thanks to all the people who donated their pics to this bonus

  2. 0_0 wow, this one awsome, I like AyaneMatrix's the best :D

  3. *Takes a bow* Glad you like it BreaktheWalls! ^_^

    And all of the donated images are equally tantalizing. :D

  4. makes one wonder when the technology to go into the computer will become real

  5. Now that'd be cool Match. Hey KSC,can you promote my new Blog in your next post. Thanks.

  6. im shocked though that no one has commented on the lovely Medusa or Mizore from Rosario + Vampire

  7. Yeah these were really awesome pictures guys. ^_^

    I probably won't get the chance to spotlight anything until after the DA bonus is finished SFD but definitely afterwards. Been meaning to update the sidebar for a while. ^_^

    Yeah Mizore (totally love Rosario + Vampire) and Medusa are really hot Match. Also like barefoot AndrAIa, the stomp pictures, the cat girl,She Hulk, Ayane Matrix's red haired hottie,She-Hulk, all of these pictures totally rocked. *Goes to take a cold shower*