Friday, January 15, 2010

My Mistake/Your Gain: The Great DA Bonus Part 6

Ok remember how way back I mentioned that this bonus would have 5 segments? Well...I caught and edited that entry pretty fast but if you're wondering why I'm still posting DA girls...I accidentally miscounted the segments meaning there are two more DA bonuses to go. Yup more fantastic fetish artwork to enjoy. *Cheers* This particular bonus will be dedicated to videogame character and features two of my favorite DA artists. Try to avoid licking your screen guys. :-D


In the 3 years that he has been a Deviant Artist, Vegetossj4 has managed to fulfill several of my fantasies involving my favorite anime, cartoon, and videogame women prominently displaying their feet for everyone to see. I really love the artwork that he creates, the look of his characters, the shape of their feet and the coloring is really perfect. Just look at the way that he uses shades of color to get in a features of a character's foot. You can actually see the balls of his subjects feet, their arches, insteps, heel etc. Really hot!! :-D Each one of these pictures hit me like a knockout punch. Just imagine Cammy, Maylene, Chun Li, Anna, and Elena resting their feet in your face like that. O_O

Vegetossj4's gallery is packed with one gorgeous woman after another all giving you a nice close-up view of what their feet look like. Some of my favorites include barefoot Samus displaying her soles (loved her pedicure), barefoot spy Clover, Yoruichi teasing you with her feet, Videl dominating a tiny Gohan with her feet, a barefoot Jill and Claire in the same I really need to say more?


Wow Chun Li hotness overload. O_O I can't decide which version of Chun Li that I like the best whether its the original, her adorable puzzle version, her shadow version (love the purple polish) or her alpha form. No matter which version it is...Chunlilover manages to make her feet look absolutely gorgeous. With Cammy thrown in, a cute blush in the first picture as well as 3 pairs of her feet to worship in the last picture and I nearly had a heart attack. ^_^;

As the above pictures and his artist name suggests, Chunlilover really likes drawing Chun Li. His gallery is guaranteed to satisfy even the most hardcore fan's foot fetish appetite. Think I've displayed every possible version of her? Wait till you see punk rocker Chun Li. ;-) In addition to the massive amount of picture featuring that sexy martial artist, there are other barefoot videogame and anime characters as well....definitely check this one out. :-)

*Whew* I don't think that I've had this much barefoot female Street Fighter awesomeness since watching the Chun Li vs Vega fight scene. Not to mention a picture of Maylene showing off both her soles as well. Man I'm going to need a lot of ice after this one.

Ok...once again a massive thank you to both Vegetossj4 and Chunlilover for contributing their artwork as well as the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for organizing these bonuses. All of you totally rock!!

Guys, I just want to apologize for the slow amount of updates recently. I'm in the process of working on some mega-tributes. Hopefully they'll be ready to post soon. Anyway next up...the final DA bonus set. O_O

Have a great weekend everyone and as usual...more to come soon!


  1. mmm after those soles have kicked so much butt i bet they could use a nice massage

  2. Great pics KSC, these are two of my favorite DA artist as well, my favorites are the Elena pic, the Cammy pic and the Pocket Chun-Li pic.

  3. Given that I love Cammy, the first pic is great ^_^
    Thanks for the whole load!

  4. I'm sorry KSC, but I wasn't able to follow your command. My tongue has a mind of it's own XD

    Great pics

  5. Can't say that I blame you Money$ign. ^_^

    Thanks guys...The street fighter girls are some of my favorites...great artwork all around. :-)