Friday, January 1, 2010

Poll of the Month 20 Results

Sorry for the late update guys. I was out celebrating New Years this morning. ^_^ Anyway, with the end of 2009 comes the end of the Water Girl poll. After a showdown for first place and record setting 2428 votes are the results...

With a Tidal wave of votes, it looks like Katara managed to wash away her competition proving that her feet are the ones that most voters would be happy to "clean for her" and claiming the number one spot. Misty gave her a run for her money right until the very end but had to wind up settling for second place and in a unexpected twist that I didn't see coming Irma Lair managed to get third. (Make sure you guys remind me to go back and give her a tribute later on...she really deserves it). No need to feel bad for the rest of these women they all seem to have foot cleaners of their own and nobody scored less than 20 votes. ^_^

As always I just want to give everybody a huge thank you for voting (not to mention wish you all a Happy New Year and the best of luck in 2010) . I'll definitely keep your opinions in mind for the future. *Adds Irma Lair and Ranamon to list of popular characters* Ok...I'll post a new poll of the month a little later tonight. It might take me a little while to get all my material together but I'll try to post a tribute to Katara soon as well.

Happy New Year Everyone


  1. So which of these characters was my personal favorite?

    That would have to be Sailor Neptune. She was one of my classic anime crushes from way back.

    Anyway Great Voting guys, you had me on the edge of my seat throughout the month. ^_^

  2. darn, Misty was so closes, man this was a close race

  3. I for one, am personally really glad that Katara beat Misty. Misty already has enough tributes where as Katara has none. I think her exotic feet deserve a tribute :D

    Anyways, as you already know by now, I voted for Katara on this one :D

  4. though i am with you on that BtW, i just rather have Misty because i just never liked Katara

  5. haha, you should've seen the look on my face Match25, I was all worried that Katara wouldn't win, Misty is awesome too, but honestly, I think that pokemon, naruto, and one piece is hogging all the glory, there are some exceptions, but whenever a character of any of these series appears in the poll, they would win. But I'm really glad Katara had won ^_^

  6. hey Kaibun, the DA bonus is a dedication to the artists who draw lovely sole art.

  7. I was expecting Misty to win, I thought she actually had it. It was like watching a superbowl game seeing your rival team winning, then losing by a couple of points.

    Still, I can't wait for Katara feet to shine in the moment. After all, it'd be great finds to see her in her barefeet.

    Also, check out Full metal panic for Kaname Chidori feet [there's even a vid about her soles & episode 1]!

  8. There's this cartoon series called Lilli the Witch where a young girl practices magic, and there's at least one episode I heard that she travels back in time to some caveman era where she's barefoot the entire time, I couldn't find any of the episodes, but I did find this on deviantart that has taken from that episode.

    I also found this anime series called Bamboo Blade where a bunch of girls are practicing kendo, and yes they're barefoot, alot of them.

  9. I was wondering which girl would win this right until the very end too guys. I guess a Katara bonus was long overdue. :-)

    Well there are more screencaps coming up Kaibun but please be nice. A lot of those pictures were contributed and people worked very hard to organize this bonus.

    Thanks for the tip involving Kaname, Money$ign. That scene in Episode 1 is really hot. Been meaning to give this girl a mega-bonus for a long time.

    Thanks for these tips P. Lili should be posted really soon. Wow the Bamboo Blade anime looks really hot...I'll definitely try and cap that one as well.

  10. Oh yeah I'm working on Katara's tribute now. It might take me a little while but I'll try to have her up soon guys.

  11. Ok are the odds that I have for this month.

    Chun Li 1 to 1 (This woman is known for her powerful kicks...I think she will tempt many a voter into wishing to be her kickbag)

    Ten Ten 1 to 1 (David raises a good point...when it comes to the polls...the Naruto girls popularity has rarely been beaten. Without One Piece or Pokemon competing will Ten Ten walk away with an easy win?)

    Tifa 3 to 1 (Not only is Final Fantasy really popular, this girl is the Queen of the series. I'm sure there are a lot of foot fetish fanboys that would love the idea of being kicked around by her bare feet :-D)

    Chi Chi 8 to 1 (Dragon Ball was a popular series and Chi Chi is very attractive but I think it might be a struggle for her the reach the top spot)

    Akane 8.5 to 1 (Ranma 1/2 is a popular series. Akane is cute but its tough to picture her coming ahead of Ten Ten, Tifa or Chun Li in this one. I rate her slightly behind Chi Chi)

    Asuka 10 to 1 (I think Tekken is a popular series and Asuka's feet rock but she seems like she's struggling...she'll probably do a little better before this is over though.

    Ryomou 15 to 1 (Her personality is perfect for dominating and kicking a person around but I don't know how popular this anime is. She has an uphill climb)

    Ayane 15 to 1 (She's doing better than I thought. I really glad. Purple haired Ninja girl's feet rock. I just hope it keeps up)

    Sarah 18 to 1 (Definitely an uphill climb. I thought Virtua Fighter was a little more popular than her votes currently reflect. She's really hot though and I think a lot of us would love having her bare feet press against their face.)

    Momoko 20 to 1 (Didn't think that people would know about this hot pink haired barefoot martial artist. She's doing surprising well though which is a really nice surprise...I guess anything can happen in this one ^_^)

  12. Ten Ten: 1-1 (Well she is Naruto after all and she is a tomboy as well, a type of personality that foot fetihes love :D )

    Chun-Li: 1-1 (By far the Queen of the Street fighter series. I think she'll give Ten a huge run for her money, if not surpass her ;) )

    Tifa: 2-1 (She's THE Final Fantasy girl, I think she has a good chance to win this)

    Chi-Chi: 5-1 (She's from Dragon Ball, by far one of the greatest anime series ever made. I think she has a chance to win it just for that)

    Ayane: 7-1 (DOA is a pretty popular series and is still going strong, not only that but she also makes cameos int the current Ninja Gaiden series as well)

    Akane: 10-1 (She's from the popular and entertaining Ranma 1/2 series but that series was done way back when as far as I know)

    Ryomou: 13-1 (My dear Ryomou is struggling :( though I shouldn't be surprised since Ikki-Tousen isn't exactly the most known anime.)

    Sarah: 15-1 (She's not doing well at the moment. Though she still has a chance due to association with the VF series)

    Momoko: 20-1 (Her anime is a tad....rare so to speak. I have only recently heard of it. Despite this, she's doing rather well however)

  13. O_O Awesome choice SFD...Tifa is really hot.

  14. Hey KSC,can you do my friend Stefanos a favor and Advertise his Latest Interactive in your next post. He needs all the help he can get on it. Thanks.

  15. The next couple of posts might be difficult because they are pretty jam packed (as you'll soon see). I am planning to include it in a future spotlight though. For now I'm going to update the sidebar.

  16. cant wait for the DA and Spellcasters bonus to start up again