Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Great DA Bonus Part 7: Conclusion

Hi Everyone, sorry for the slow amount of updates this week. I needed a little bit of time to recover after the last post. * Goes off into a daydream thinking about Cammy, Chun Li and Elena's feet* Anyway, one last DA bonus set to post. It's probably a good thing too because I don't think I could take anymore waves of barefoot awesomeness. Fortunately, with only a few artists left...I think I can avoid going into shock. So lets check the roster to see who the remaining artists are?...*Sees the names Richy17, CartoonGirls, Mojo321, Imcooltight, Onyxswami and DazandAnime and gulps* I'm probably going to need an ambulance before this is over. For this final segment...we're back to good old fashioned tried and true fanart. Enjoy guys. ^_^







Alright...Massive Thank Yous to the Deviant Artists Richy17, CartoonGirls, ImCoolTight, Mojoman321, Onyxswami and DazandAnime for contributing and allowing me to post their artwork here as well as Match25 the Legendary Master of Sole Shots himself for organizing this awesome series. These pictures were really awesome. ^_^

Well...after seven spectacular segments, 32 different artists and over 150 pictures...this DA bonus series has come to a close.* O_O Once again I would to give a big thank you to all the artists that contributed artwork to this. It was a lot of fun for both me and Match to work on this with all the beautiful soles to stare at. ^_^ Best of luck with your artwork in the future everyone!!

Ok...having completed one of bigger projects, you probably are wondering what the next sets are going to involve? Well...I have a lot of material to catch up on. :-) There are a couple of mega-sets, that I promised to post before the end of January as well as one major series that I still need to go back and continue. (You guys remember which one it was? ;-D). In addition to that there are a couple of storylines and spotlight segments that I might have been preparing during the week. :-)

On that note...more to come soon!

*Give or take a few captions that I still need to complete.


  1. Man....then ones are great, I liked Richy's Nami one and the Elena one the best :D

  2. Thanks BTW. With so much Elena recently, I'm starting to develop a crush on her. ^_^

  3. I already developed a crush on her KSC, then again how can a foot fetihest not love a girl who only uses kicks in her fighting style and is barefoot :D

  4. mmm this was a great DA bonus, so many people are going to sue us for putting all those people into barefoot shock comas lol

  5. True on both accounts Match...I enjoyed it and I did go into barefoot shock and I'm currently sueing you guys as we speak ;)

  6. Here's a part from the classic cartoon series, The Real Ghostbusters.

    This was an episode called Devil in the deep, at the Ghostbuster's headquarters, Janine is in a two piece swimming suit and has her feet prop on her desk, this was the reason for my like of Barefoot girls.

  7. we already got that awhile ago, but it is still a lovely sight to see

  8. 0_0 I can see why you were turned into a foot fetishest because of that. Janine's a lot cuter in this show then her movie counterpart....I would so worship her hot sectary feet :D

  9. It true BTW. Barefoot kick fighters rock. As for the lawsuit, I guess we asked for that posting so much hot foot artwork back to back.

    It's true Match. Between this the Disney Girls, The villainesses and the Chaos Head scene. The legal bills are really piling up. ^_^;

    Oh yeah...that Ghost Busters Secretary is really hot P. (Especially in a Bikini, barefoot and with her soles in your face). Thanks very much for the clip. :-D

  10. Wonderful stuff, man! These artworks really rock. You can see the love of the artists in the perfectly-drawn shape of the feet. ^_^

  11. Richy just updated with a lovely pic of Rukia. I bet your mouths are already watering at the thought

    PS cant wait till the Spellcasters put us back under their "spells"

  12. Um, yeah, I think you forgot about one thing.......When Monsters vs aliens were in cinema, you promised you will post many of Susan's Feet scenes when DVD comes out, it came out and I wait

  13. Thanks very much Sole Keeper. O_O

    O_O That Rukia picture was very hot Match.

    O_O Monsters vs Aliens is out on DVD? Awesome!!


  15. hey KSC you never did add comments to the individual artists on this one