Thursday, September 4, 2008

May (Bonus)

While we're on the subject of Pokemon girls. I thought I'd bring up my favorite female trainer. May is easily the number one Pokemon girl on my hit list. She's been in the series long enough that I'm sure there are barefoot shots of her out there (unlike Flannery *resists the urge to go into a rant*). However, right now I am seriously lacking barefoot shots of her with one notable exception which you'll see in a moment.

(The one good shot I have of May's soles was provided by the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 himself from the episode Sharpedo Attacks. (Thanks again man) The rest of these came from Otakuphrenia)

Anyway, if anyone knows where I can find more barefoot scenes involving this sexy hottie episodes to download/find on youtube (I'm still looking for Sharpedo attacks) or anything else. I would gladly post her really quickly. I'll definitely keep an eye out for her myself as well.

Ok...that's basically it for today. Enjoy everyone!!


  1. season 6 episode 19 is Sharpedo Attack, if u have netflix it is probably there


    go on u can say it, i am that good lol just jking, here u go

  3. Now to complete the lovely detication to Pokemon girls, u cant forget everyone's favorite tomboy Misty; i know she has had many barefoot shots throughout the series but i wont be of much help since i more commonly only pay attention to sole shots

  4. All hail the great one!! You totally rock man. Ok because May is so unbelievably looks like I'll be posting a double bonus for her today. I'll try to cap it and post it soon.

    Thanks man!!

  5. dont forget about the Maylene shots as well

  6. What are you, match25? Some sort of foot pic shark? Only joking, man. But seriously, I don't know where you keep finding all these shots. The fact that you've got May up here adds to your current coolness. I'm sure you guys will find more foot shots of her in the future. Thank you very much, KSC and match25. You guys are great.

    Daniel Wickie

  7. well a while ago after i discovered my computer video player could take pics ive been collecting them ever since. right now i have over 400 different sole shots and still growing

  8. Thanks DW. May was one of my favorite Pokemon girls so I'm glad you liked this one. I was pretty much celebrating when Match gave me that cool shot of her soles.

  9. May sure is a cool character. If there is one thing I like most, it's the Feet of Pokemon Girls, there sure are a lot of good ones