Thursday, April 14, 2011

3 for 1 Cosplay Bonus

Its me Match25 again, and for this bonus there will be three photographers for the price of one.

The first great photographer of these cosplay beauties is the great DrunkenShinigami.

I swear this guy has a natural talent to getting these lovely cosplayers just to show off their lovely feet. To see the full extent of his talent check out his page at DrunkenShinigami.

The Second being from the cosplayer Lendra-Chan, cosplaying as the lovely Dark Rukia.

Ah probably one of the main reasons that movie was such a success, when the lovely Rukia went evil for that short time, and a greater bonus is during that entire time she showed off her bare snow white feet. I wonder how many guys here would love to worship this short time villainess. Check out more of her cosplaying at

Oh and what better way to end of this second DA bonus of mine, then with that villainess we all wish we could worship since her debut, the woman who is as beautiful as she is evil, and if she knew that you loved her feet she would use that to her advantage. Medusa from Soul Eater cosplayed by 10thMuse.

MMM I must admit she plays her character well. Not to mention a villainess who goes barefoot all the time would always love a long foot massage from her faithful servants. To check out more of this cosplayer, see her page at 10thMuse.

Well that is all the lovely to worship for now, but dont worry more along the way. So many barefoot beauties to worship, just so little time.


  1. How many here started watching Soul Eater just because of Medusa?

  2. That pic of Claire Redfield is from my friend. I will have to tell him that you posted it. Great post man. I love these barefoot cosplay pics you are putting up!

  3. Spectacular. ^_^ So much barefoot cosplay hotness. Seriously going into barefoot shock right now. O_O

  4. Just to let you know that the girl in Sweet Sexy Soles 1-3 on my channel cosplays as Miku and Haruhi. Just pretend it's a fantasy. :P

  5. Mark me down as a Medusa addict, Match. ^_^

    I remember seeing a PERFECT Toph cosplayer online, with amazing views of her beautiful, dirty soles. Those should be in this collection...

  6. Ooh, nice. Got to check those links.

  7. Hi King side Castle. I have some caps from The Little Mermaid transformation scene. Are you interested on me sending them to you? :)

  8. Sure I would love to see them. My e-mail is
    Thanks very much Samspider. ^_^

  9. just wanted to say you have very beautiful feet and toes!!!

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