Friday, April 1, 2011

Poll 33 Results/No Prank ^_^;

Sorry April fools day prank this year (though I'm sure some of you are relieved about that ^_^;). Also apologize for the lack of updates and response to comments/e-mail recently. My school work this year has pretty much reached a climax of difficulty. Unfortunately it is probably not going to lighten up until the Easter break in a couple of weeks. If you can...wish me luck with my Comprehensive exams next weekend. I am really going to need it. ^_^; Anyway here are the results of this month's poll...

Wow a lot of sandals fans I didn't see that one coming. ^_^; Plus socks and stockings took second and third place respectively. I'll try to find more of those types of scenes for you guys. Thanks very much for voting everyone. ^_^

As for the next poll...hmm I have to think about that one. Unless I get a really good idea for one, I'll probably take a break to catch up on tributing the winners.

I'll still try to post the GTS finale tomorrow before going on an extended break until Easter. ^_^

Anyway Happy April Fool's day guys ^_^


  1. As for the footwear I think is most enticing myself...that would have to be boots. There is just something teasingly hot about them.

    I'm glad I didn't do the odds for this month...I would have been way off. I never would have guessed pumps would finish last. ^_^;

    Anyway Great Voting guys!!

  2. I gotta say, I'm surprised with the results. I thought Anklets would have won. I mean, you can be more or less barefoot when you wear them.

    Same here...Triton, I really think you need to take a brief hiatus on the least after this semester, considering how swamped you are.

    Anyways, good luck on your exams. I know you can do it man :D

    Happy April Fools Triton. Shame you didn't get to do your prank :(

  3. Good luck, end semester work is always hell. Stay positive! ^_^

  4. Anklets had no chance - nothing I like ever does, haha. Still, they did much better than I expected, edging 4th.

  5. Thanks very much guys. ^_^

    Yeah it was interesting how the results played out. It looks like for a lot of us wearing less isn't necessarily the most seductive. Anklets and toerings are definitely really hot too though. ^_^

  6. You can never dout Sandals on Girl's Feet, especually flip flops cause they look nice

  7. Yeah flip flops are definitely really hot!!

  8. Yeah, I'm a boots fan too, but I'm not surprised that sandals won--they show off the feet while still protecting the soles from getting all tough like they do when you walk around barefoot for too long.