Monday, April 11, 2011

DA BONUS: Harley Quinn Cosplay

It's time for Match25 here to give off his second post to this great blog. And what better post than to finally reveal the long awaited DA Cosplay Bonus. However I must admit, despite all of the lovely images that were sent to my Journal, only very few people gave me written concent to use the images in this group. But we all know it is quality over quantity.

So the first barefoot cosplayer is the lovely Eccentricass cosplaying as the demented psychiatrists, the psychotic harlequin, and the lover of the villain known only as the Joker. The lovely Harley Quinn from the Batman Series, in her nightgown she got just for "Mr. J".

mmmm I must say this lovely beauty is wasted on that sociopath who cant give her the love that she deserves. People try to tell her but she states she will always be by her "puddin". I bet a good foot massage would change her side.

To support this lovely cosplayer, visit her site at

Don't worry, more are on the way, just wanted to test out making my first page.


  1. we can all agree, curse that lucky Joker

  2. I have all of these already, but thanks for posting them again! You da man!

    Come check out my Liz Taylor tribute, please?

  3. Awesome Bonus Match. Thanks so much for organizing this tribute. As for this Cosplayer she is really great. I like her youtube channel a lot too.