Friday, April 1, 2011

April (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

I feel really guilty about not being able to give you guys a proper April Fool's Day Prank so here are a couple of April laughs to make up for it.

(These are from one of the Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episodes where a gangster decides to interrogate the reporter April O' Neil by tickling her.)

As one of the classic cartoon women...April is really hot. Nice to see her feet get some closeups. ^_^ Tieing with a similar interrogation of a female villainess in the Dragon Quest Anime...this particular scene is probably one of the best instances of cartoon related foot tickling out there. ^_^

On a sidenote...There is a interactive dedicated to the villain tickling April in this bonus. It involves him giving similar interrogations to other cartoon and anime women.
The story is written by classic Foot/Tickling Fetish Author Retrogamer (Stefan)

Ok guys I'd better call it a night but I should be back to post the GTS finale soon. ^_^


  1. Wahaha! That's hilarious and pretty hot as well. Great post, KSC! April is classic and this barefoot look at her is a gem. ^___^

  2. I lovethat scene. Thanks for mentioning my Interactive Story.

    Oh,I've started the Wikia:

  3. Thanks guys. ^_^

    O_O Adding it into my links Stefan. ^_^

  4. Thanks,but I'm having trouble with it. Can anyone help me? The Help page is no help I need some simple answers to my problems.

  5. ah they knew how to get our attention

  6. Hehe, and here's the scene that gave thousands of ten year-olds foot fetishes XD

    Great post KSC

  7. O_O I'll try to look for a tutorial Stefan.

    Thanks guys yeah this was one of those scenes that really nurtured my developing fetish as a kid. ^_^

  8. Nice her feet look sexy
    Oh btw i kno i haven't showed up in a while :p
    What's the name of the episode?

  9. The episode title is "The Case of the Hot Kinmono". ^_^