Sunday, April 3, 2011

Giganta Gigantic GTS Finale Bonus took me awhile but here is the Giantess Finale bonus. When I think of animated Giantesses, there's one redheaded villainess who keeps coming to mind. You guys know the one. ;-) For this set I divided it up into 4 segments:
Justice League Giganta

Sadly a lot the recent depictions of Giganta including her gorgeous Justice League counterpart tend to have her wearing boots. ^_^;
make avatar
Then again it would probably be a little too fun for Superman if she stepped on him barefoot. :-D
animated gif maker

Looks like Superman doesn't get all the fun. ^_^;

Ok...moving on we have...

Modern Day Comics Giganta

As you can see her most recent comic book incarnation has taken a much more modest approach for her attire as well. Don't get me wrong though she still looks massively hot in it but I think a lot of us would love to see her showing more skin. ^_^

Hmm...this reminds me...I was recently contacted by a reader who loves scenes involving anime girls wearing gloves. Are there any good scenes involving that you guys can think of?

At least they still give us some great POV shots. ^_^

Since a POV foot stomp involving this incarnation is hard to top...let's move onto the next section which is....
Professor Zuel

One of the the things that it is very easy to forget about Giganta due to her insane but lovable rampaging is that she's a professor. She's actually very intelligent.

Imagine having her as a teacher. You cut class and she decides to punish you by making you spend detention in on of her pump for the day. ^_^;

Finally we have...
Classic Giganta

 last Giganta close it out...
animated gif maker
For those of you keeping count...the Man of Steel has appeared on this blog a total of 7 times with at least 4 different women dominating him with their feet. Each time I wind up saying the same two word...Lucky Superman. ^_^;

Ok guys a couple of credits...These pictures are various webfinds of Giganta from across the net. ^_^ Two sites that you might want to check out in particular are:
Action Toy Review:
(which displayed those awesome figurines of her)
CV United:,7699.0.html
(which I got the sprite of her from)

Also just in case you guys missed the last two bonuses I did for her, you can check them out here:
and here:
as well as a bonus to her Superfriends predecessor here:

Ok guys a couple of announcements. Just a quick word about the gifs. Earlier Toph and Aoi Sena gifs have been really nicely touched up by GrandNarcissist. I was trying to post them on the site but blogger and the photo service I use to upload wasn't allowing me to do it. However you guys can view them in the comments section of their respective posts here and here. There have also been some really nice Kore Wa Zombie Desu gifs from Stephan that I am behind on uploading as well. A lot of catching up I need to do when I get back. ^_^

Also, (taking advantage of a comic book related post to mention this :-D) recently, my Comic Book Woman's Feet Interactive has broken the 300 mark. I just wanted to give a big thank you the authors Windleaf, Breakthewalls, Qwetyers, J.F. (Wraith), Money$ign, M4nd4lor3, dde2 and all the other authors who helped it reach this mark. Characters who have received recent chapters include Jean Grey, Misfit, Stafire, Raven, Harley Quinn, and Huntress. last announcement. This will be my last entry before going on an extended break....a lot of school work and projects coming up that I can't afford to neglect. ^_^; Don't worry though...I've tried to arrange for a couple of people to post in the meantime so hopefully any anime foot scene cravings should be satisfied.

Anyway, I just want to wish everyone the best. Thanks for making blogging so much and I'm looking forward to coming back and sharing some great foot moments with you again soon. ^_^

Castling out.


  1. Great post,KSC. BTW,I've found out how to organize my Wikia. I've done it now. Check out the changes.

  2. Great stuff, KSC! Classic Giganta is still the hottest and the best. In this age of reboots, I'm hoping that a new Justice League or DC cartoon will give us a rightfully barefoot Giganta again.

    Good luck on your studies, dude. Visit the blogs in your spare time! ^___^

  3. Excellent work as always! Wanna know a secret? Giganta goes commando. *giggles*

  4. Just a reminder that Tangled is now on dvd.

  5. I still like her JLU appearance the best :D

    anyways, great post Triton and I know you will do well with your studies ^_^

  6. Hi! Nice to see Giganta gloved... She's very nice when with those gloved finger draws in the sand... Thank you for your suggestion, in Batman Animated I've seen EVERY episode with Poison Ivy... Pretty and hot, with those green gloves :D

  7. why u guys don't make a blog for american toons feet only?

    Is a long time I don't see ANIME feet here

  8. Hi Again, excellent special, long time i haven't written you. Well, i just wanted to remember you that the Tangled DVD has came out :P. BTW, i know that probably i'm a pain in the ass by telling you this, but you never posted Nani's Feet to the blog since the last time i told you about it. ):

  9. Thanks guys. :-)

    The Wiki is looking good Stefan. ^_^

    Yeah Solekeeper I would love to see more appearances of barefoot Giganta in the future too. :-)Thanks very much...I'll definitely keep checking the blogs out when I get the chance.

    Thanks Digiharrisom. ^_^ Yeah I saw a panel where Black Canary pointed that out to her in the past. I was trying to post it but I couldn't find it. It was very funny. ^_^

    O_O I'll definitely cap that one as soon as I can P. ^_^ Thanks for the reminder. :-D

    Thanks Breakthewalls. Yeah I think Justice League Giganta is hot too. :-D

    No problem C.G. I'll try to find more glove scenes in the future.

    I'll keep it in mind Maledito. Will try and post more anime when I get back to posting in a couple of week. ^_^

    Thanks Samspider. Oh yeah I completely forgot. Match even capped her too. ^_^; I'll try and post both Nani and Rapunzel them when I get back. ^_^

  10. Hey,Triton. think you can unload the scenes [in writen form] on this blog to my Wikia.

    BTW,I've just put up a Totally Spies section. :D

  11. when you´ll post bulma¿¿??....It has been a long time sice you organized the pool and bulma won.....

  12. :-) A lot on my plate at the moment but I'll try to add to it when I get the chance Stefan.

    Yeah I make sure to post Bulma when I start posting again too Trony. Only a couple of weeks left.

    Heh heh..Believe me guys I'm eager to get back to posting again too. Just need to make it through one more school week. ^_^;