Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dragon Ball Evolution: Bulma

Ok with over 100 caps for Bulma, I'm hoping to do 2 (possibly 3) tributes to Dragon Ball's leading lady so let's get the easiest one (as well as any potential flames from haters of Dragon Ball Evolution j/k) out of the way first. Yup...this one is a tribute to Bulma's movie counterpart.

I really need to do a tribute to Chi Chi as well. ^_^

Wish I got to give her a pedicure like that. ^_^;

(Various webfinds of Bulma and her movie Actress Emmy Rossum. :-D)

When I first heard about the Dragon Ball Evolution movie being made...I thought for sure it was an april fool's day prank. On one hand they had some really good actors Chow Yun Fat of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Fame, James Marsters (Spike from Buffy), even Emmy Rossum played the lead female role in the movie Phantom of the Opera and won a Golden Globe for it. However, the concept of a live action Dragon Ball Film seems so silly that one wonders how these actors were talked into starring in the film. Kudo's to the producers of this for being able to sell it to them. ^_^; It was one of those films that sounded so ridiculous that I couldn't resist seeing it just to see how they put it together. As it turned out, it wasn't that bad. (At least definitely not as bad as critics claimed ^_^) The storyline was decent and I liked the fight scenes. It also helps a lot that there are three actresses in the film that are very easy on the eyes. You can't compare it to the anime though and as long as you view it is a separate work, it is a fun watch.

I actually really liked Emmy Rossum's portrayal of Bulma a lot. In the film Bulma has sort of a goth tomboy thing going. She definitely a lot tougher than her anime version but she still has the wit, intelligence and charm that makes her anime and manga counterparts so endearing. Not to mention her actress is smoking hot. :-)

On a sidenote one of the stories that I wrote for Cryptosporidium's Anime + Videogame Fantasy Interactive was inspired by the DB evolution portrayal of Bulma. You guys can read it here if you are interested. This reminds me that I have to do a new wave of spotlights soon. A lot of great writing happening on WDC lately. :-)

All right everyone enjoy the tribute and more Bulma to come soon. ^_^


  1. Awesome new poll,not-so-Awesome post :(

    Anyway,I choose Teachers.

  2. I watched the DB movie through i dont remember enough of it to judge it soo i guess that means it wasn't good enough for me to remember lol

  3. Stefan, Teachers can be Tomboys as well. Example Happy Lesson series Satsuki being an example

    Also if you havent seen it you should, its about a high school guy for some reason ending up living with five of his teachers

  4. Match,I have nothing against Tomboys.

  5. :-D I was 95% sure you were going to pick tomboys Match. ^_^

    Teachers are hot Stefan. ^_^

    Yeah that seems about right Jinto. The film was pretty average. Nothing to really remember from it. :-)

    O_O Definitely have to add Happy Lesson to my list of animes to watch. ^_^