Monday, June 27, 2011

Miss Martian (Bonus)

Hi guys. ^_^ Continuing the crossover, our next comic book girl up is the cute alien Ms. Martian.

(These pictures of Miss Martian are webfinds and caps taken from various episodes of the animated series Young Justice. The swimsuit episode is titled Infiltrator. ^_^)

Chances are that this attractive martian is probably a little bit more recognizable than women of the last two bonuses thanks to her having her own television series released earlier this year (which is how I learned about her myself). She seems like a real sweet and kind girl with an impressive set of powers too. I always imagine that the feet of a cute female alien like her would be out of this world awesome. If you take into account that this girl is a shape shifter as well, you know her feet have to be really cool. I kind of picture them to be soft and maleable like clay and she can change their appearance to be whatever type of feet you like too. It's sad that the other female character from this series, Artemis, just joined the team right after this beach segment of the episode took place. It would have been really awesome to see her wearing a swimsuit in the episode too.

Ok...I'm still working on some new chapters for the Comic interactive so I'll hold off on talking about overhaul status until next time. Instead lets dive right into the...

Ok some really hot chapters to spotlight tonight. First off we have...
The Fantasy Foot Fetish Mansion interactive by Breakthewalls
This interactive has been spotlighted here quite a bit because it has some really entertaining to read and it has a lot of great authors adding to it. The most recent chapter in it to grab my attention is an addition written by its creator involving getting teased by Flannery's Feet. Hot!! There are some other storylines being added to there as well including one that I've written myself involving fighting the barefoot female fighter Christie Monteiro and some nice additions involving the Assassin's Creed female characters (specifically the Animus tech girl Rebecca) by AlexandraS90. (The latter storyline being for the 18+ readers of the interactive.) Definitely worth checking out. ^_^

In addition to that I also want to spotlight...
Warcraft Feet: Sylvanas Windrunner by WorganFreeMan
Usually there are two things needed to make a good interactive in my mind. First you need a really good premise. This one definitely has that. Sylvannas Windrunner is incredibly hot so it would be really awesome to read a fetish story involving her. (Click here for some pictures of her in case you are wondering what she looks like). She's also a really complicated background and personality making interesting to read about. The second thing you need is a good author to be able to tell the story well. That one comes in the form of Capt. Wolf. For those of you not familiar with the Nintendo girls thread of the Anime/Videogames Girls Feet Torture interactive, Capt. Wolf always writes some really descriptive, detailed and creative storylines. His portrayal of the Warcraft world in chapters for this interactive have been awesome as well. The latest of his additions sets it up for you to take care of the feet of one of Sylvanas' personal guards...a beautiful female ranger elf. ^_^ Good Stuff!!

Ok that will do it for today. Hope you guys are enjoying this comic book crossover so far. I'm going to keep trying to update everyday (eventhough its been every 2 or 3 day so far) for the rest of the week. Don't worry even if some of the updates wind up being delayed, you'll still get all 7 tributes. ^_^ On that note...more to come soon. :-D


  1. Nice, KSC! Really wish Artemis was in that beach segment though too. ^___^

  2. Thanks very much Sole Keeper. Hopefully they'll start airing new episodes of the series soon and give both women a lot of barefoot scenes. :-D *crosses fingers*

  3. Well, that was random. I wasn't expecting that Sylvanas Windrunner story to be spotlighted since it was so obscure.

    I had planned on letting that one fade into the backdrop of the interactives section, but I guess that won't be happening anymore. No choice now but to keep adding to it. <.<

    Appreciate it the spotlight.

  4. I agree with you SoleKeeper! Would have loved to see some amazon feet goodness!

  5. Heh heh...the story was really too enjoyable not to spotlight Capt. Wolf.

    Young Justice still has 16 more episodes of this season to air and it sounds like they renewed it for a second season. Hopefully the number of episodes remaining will work in our favor guys. :-D

  6. gaa why did such a cute green skin girl have to be such a girly girl

  7. ^_^ A cute green alien girl with a tomboy like personality would be fun to see. :-D