Friday, June 24, 2011

Salem's Daughter: Anna Williams

Ok continuing with the comic book interactive is a tribute to Anna Williams the lead female character of Zenescope Comic series Salem's daughter. :-D

(Various cover artwork and panels from multiple issues of the series Salem's Daughter including the illustory talent of Stanley Lau, Al Rio and a few others as well. )

Heh heh...some of these comic girls might be a little bit more familiar than others. Zenescope publishing may not be as recognizable as say DC or Marvel but it is quickly growing in reputation. One of this publishing company's claim to fame is that it loves depicting its female characters in as sexy a way as possible. A typical Zenescope cover will often show a hot girl in a provocative pose making their readers want to take a cold shower upon seeing it. Such is the case with Anna a hot blonde witch with a gorgeous body who doesn't need her powers to raise the temperature in any room she's in. Naturally she can be seen wearing a nightgown and less in her series. :-D

Salem's Daughter is pretty entertaining. It is a nice combination of Western gunslinger action with a supernatural (witchcraft) element to it. It's just sad that the storyline doesn't get the chance to really develop over the course of six issues. There is a follow up series coming out this summer though so that is good. For the record the best artwork in the series (not counting the covers) was in issue 0 which is also my favorite issue of the series in general.

As for Anna, she is a really cool character. She has such a sweet and very gentle personality and is always trying to help people in need while at the same she's shown to be a really powerful witch as well. So far her powers that have manifested include the ability to summon fire as well as strong premonitions of the future but it is also hinted that she will get even stronger as she begins to understand her abilities. She's definitely the type of girl that you want to be on your side and wouldn't mind pleasing by taking care of her feet for her. I bet she could use a foot massage after all the time she spends on them during her journeys. ;-) Who knows? With her abilities...she might even make that a magical experience for you.

Ok guys being a Friday and since I'm doing spotlights as part of the crossover anyway let's go for a full end of the week summary...

What I'm working on...
Do you guys even remember when I use these segments on a regular basis? :-) Well...since things have gotten so chaotic lately let me just clarify how things stand here. Basically there are three sets of bonuses that are currently going on simultaneously. The first is a set of tributes that I'm catching up on (Bulma, Mizore, the Pokemon girls etc). The second is a massive cosplay tribute brought to you by the Master of Sole Shots Match25 himself. He's in the process of planning a massive double sized finale to it as we speak. The third is a comic book interactive crossover series (which this post is a part of).

Since we are on that topic, let me talk a little bit about my Comic Book Woman's Feet Interactive for a bit. Having neglected it for a long time, I've recently been giving it a massive overhaul, adding in some new characters and scenarios as well as a couple of other surprises. I'm working on storyline chapters (both continuing previous story arcs as well as starting some new ones) as well. I've recently finished adding a new set of characters to it and have started adding in some new scenarios for some of the girls.

If you have the chance, please visit it and let me know if you guys have any suggestions for it. (Are there any comic characters I left out? Any scenarios involving the characters that you would like to see?)
Also if you are a writer, I could definitely use some good authors to add to it too. :-D Massive thanks to all the great authors who have added to it already (the most recent contributors being His Divine Shadow, Demifiend, Breakthewalls, The CEO, Venom and Sammy). Anyway, I'm definitely going to continue to work on it and I'll keep you guys posted on its progress in the future. ^_^

Moving on let's head into some...

Since I'm in a masochistic type of mood, (which is my mood 90% of the time :-D) let's check some stories involving getting abused by female feet. ^_^

First up we have Deadly Feet by Vincanity
The premise of this interactive is that you enter a tournament taking on a hot set of female fighters. All of the women in this story are annoyed by your arrogance and are out to use their feet to teach you a lesson you'll never forget. There are a wide variety of women to choose from including Blondes, Redheads, a Goth, and twins. Since this story is actually based on the women from the MartinXManga website (a site showcasing artwork, manga and cg games involving hot female martial artists), you can also see these women for yourself by clicking on the interactive's accompanying link. The premise for this interactive was so good that I couldn't resist adding to this one myself but there are also a ton of awesome additions from the interactive's creator as well as a violent ending chapter from the author Sauurman. Another thing that I really love are some of the penalties for losing a match in this story of these. Imagine spending eternity worshiping woman's feet in the afterlife for losing a match against the beautiful Alexandra. O_O

Ok Next up we have Michelle McCool's Slave by McCool's Pet
There are a lot of great interactives involving getting dominated by female wrestlers on (I really should do a special spotlight segment covering all of them someday). For now the most recent to grab my interest is a story involving the main character (you) becoming a slave to the super hot female Wrestler Michelle McCool. Naturally being a slave to her means worshipping her feet on command and there are a lot of good chapters describing that both from the Interactive's creator and from the author Sauurman. (Wow..he's really popping up everywhere these days ^_^;) I definitely recommend checking this interactive out but please be advised as well that it does live up to its 18+ rating. ^_^

Alright...Last up is the Animation GTS and Domination Interactive by Qwertyers
One of the things that I really love about Qwertyers writing is he's an expert on creating some great domination scenarios. His latest interactive featuring a variety of Cartoon and Anime women in GTS and domination situations is no different and there are some really great chapters both involving feet and without. In this interactive my favorite threads involve Yugi getting shrunken by Mai, Ash becoming a slave to the Pokemon Women and Krillin getting shrunken and forced to Worship Bulma's feet. Hot!!

Coming up:
Ok so what is coming up next? part of the Comic Book crossover, I'm going to continue trying to release a different comic book girl every day for the rest of the week. However, since there are 2 other sets of projects going on simultaneously seeing a cosplayer, or poll winner is definitely a possibility as well. Maybe I'll even surprise you and post something completely different. :-D It basically means anything can happen. On that note...more to come soon everyone. ^_^


  1. wow I never even heard of this comic but it looks pretty cool. Plus Anna is kinda hot.

  2. There's a recent issue of Archie (621), that has Archie and the gang fell into a dinosaur world, and there are very pretty cavegirls and they're all barefoot.

  3. O_O Cavegirls sound hot. I'll try to find it...thanks for the tip Shadowmandude. :-D

  4. Nice post Triton, I wonder if she can use her foot worship and scissor magic on me ;)

    Can't wait for the Fairy Tales Grimm girls :D

  5. Thanks Tristan. ^_^ I would love that type of "magic" as well. :-)

  6. Hmm...very nice. Never heard of this, but what I'm seeing here is definitely good.

  7. Thanks Cyberchao. ^_^ I really love the artwork for this series especially the covers. It's definitely a fun read. :-)

  8. Great post! Very nice artwork indeed! It's nice how these post are also a showcase for some never heard comics that turn out to be some very nice read! Great job!

  9. Excellent! Wish I could be as sexy as Anna! Nowadays, not only can we read these comic stories, we can watch them all, too (whether on TV or online). And it's great 'coz the quality of each story never deteriorates.

    -Michelle Pendlelton