Saturday, June 25, 2011

Zenescope's Fly: Danielle

Ok...just a quick continuation to the comic book crossover for today. Fly is a new series released by Zenescope comics. The company has a habit of releasing 4 of 5 different covers for a single issue (4 of the ones for this issue are shown here). The rarest collector's item one is the cover which no doubt grabs your attention the most. Gotta give this company a lot of credit...they definitely know how to market their material.

(Various cover artwork for the first issue of Fly including Artwork from Eric Basaldua and Stanley "Artgerm" Lau)

The female protagonist (at least that's the way that your supposed to think about her from the fact that she's depicted prominently on almost all the promotional material for this series) definitely is a couple of issues. I certainly wouldn't want to be her ex. ^_^; She does a penchant for domination though which will definitely appeal to the more masochistic ones among us.

For those that are interested...Fly is a series involving a drug that gives people Super-human powers. Having read the first issue, I can say that it was fairly exciting but the storyline needs a more time to develop my interest in it. There was enough of compelling plot and some great action sequences to hook me in for the next issue but I'll have to wait before I can fully recommend this series. As with all the Zenescope series...this one is for a more mature audience.

Here are the project Writing.Com updates for today:

Comic Book Interactive Overhaul Status:
Along with some new scenario chapters I added in some hidden trophies for some readers to find. Do you guys think you can locate all five? I'm also working on some new chapters for a couple of characters.

The Guardians by FF_Fireman
This story is just starting out but I really love the premise involving the main character (you) being a superhero training rookie heroines to use their powers. I love the cool variety of female characters in this story all of which have a hot appearance, unique personalities and their own individual set of powers that you can explore your foot fetish with. My favorite character so far is Jillian a heroine with the ability to make you attracted toward something (this includes her feet) who loves to tease you about your fetish. Definitely worth checking out. :-)

Bleach Girls Feet Battle by Torborg
Spotlighted many times Torborg's interactive continues to get consistantly updated from a lot of people. A lot of great chapters involving the Bleach girls dominating or finding themselves dominated by female feet from a variety of authors. Is that a chapter from the elusive Foot Fetish writing legend Melroser76 in the recent additions? O_O

Speaking of Melroser76, let's spotlight this one as well:
Naruto Feet Stories by Melroser76
One of my favorite interactives from way back. The latest chapter in a list of many to grab my attention is a recent chapter involving Ino dominating a tiny Shizune with her feet by the author Lillipoot. Yay Ino's feet woo hoo!!

And since the mention of the awesome blonde kunoichi's feet is pretty much impossible to top, I think its time to end this entry here. :-D

More comic book action to come soon guys!!


  1. I showed this to both Match and Juancho earlier. Both of them pointed out to me that the reason why said cover was so rare was that she was not wearing her top. (Though her actual breasts themselves aren't visible in the cover) Truth be told when I first saw the cover I didn't even catch that. It really shows what I was focused on. ^_^;

  2. That Bikini picture is just too sexy.

  3. I agree with Jeffstar, that bikini picture is extremely sexy for a variety of reasons ;)

  4. Thanks guys. ^_^ Yeah the artist really did an amazing job on the cover. Hopefully we'll get to see more of this character barefoot as the series progresses. :-D

  5. Yeah, the bikini pic is a lethal combo of various types of sexyness! :D Thanks for the post!

  6. Thanks Bounty Dog. ^_^ I'm hoping the publishing company will release more covers like it in the future. *crosses fingers*