Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Power Girl Part 3 w/ Guest Evil Clone

Hi guys. Sorry I haven't been posting that frequently. As usual there's been a lot going on. ^_^; First off...since my last post I've finally graduated with a degree in Computer science after a really busy last semester so I am really happy about that. :-D Since graduation, I've been taking some time off from blogging to regroup, re-organize and pursue the next phase of my life. I've also been multitasking again working on a massive Comic Book Interactive update. Which brings me to the next order of business...instead of having to alternate between the blog and interactive, I've decided to do a crossover event. As part of the Crossover...I'll be posting a new Comic Book woman here every day for the next week. :-D Anyway, the first girl up is the ever popular Power Girl. Enjoy guys!!

During the day Power Girl works as a business executive for her own company Starr Enterprises. This basically means she wears stockings and pumps a lot.

I love the following Power Girl comic scene where one her employees figure out her identity.

You gotta admire her for trying to play it off casually eventhough it doesn't work. ^_^

As "punishment" she makes this guy her personal assistant both at the office and as a superheroine. I wonder if that includes calling him in to massage her feet after a long day at work.

O_O Looks like it does. :-D

I would really have a lot of trouble resisting the urge to sniff her feet from that distance.^_^;

Aw don't you just love how she teases him. Lucky son of a gun. ^_^;

Powergirl's Clone is named Divine. She's cloned from Powergirl's Kryptonian DNA with a couple of modifications.

Those are actually the soles one of Powergirl's clones. ^_^ Gotta give it to Maxwell Lord...that villain really thinks big. Imagine having your own personal Power Girl to command. O_O

I should probably mention that the comic book shows a lot more of Power Girl's clone's body than I felt comfortable posting here. As with that information as you wish. ;-)

Whoa Divine is badass! O_O

So is Power Girl apparently. :-D

(Picking up where the last Powergirl bonus left off. This bonus covers issues 15-20. This one includes artwork from Stanley Lau, Sam Basri and Frank Cho)

So far we've been really lucky with the Power Girl comic book series having artists depicting Power Girl showing off her feet quite a bit. Here are some earlier highlights for those that missed it:
Massive props to the comic's creative teams for providing some awesome moments. ^_^

After the first 12 issue of the Power Girl comic series (which were the ones that the first 2 Power Girl bonuses focused on), there is change in the creative teams behind the series. The first 12 issues were done by Jimmy Palmiotti (writing) and Amanda Connor (artwork), while the second half of the series was done by Judd Winick and Sam Basri. (You see a little bit of Sam Basri's artwork in the second bonus as well) There are some really noticeable differences between the two teams but each half of the series manages to be good in its own way. Both Artists have a radically different style but each of their depictions of Power Girl rocks. Jimmy Palmiotti takes a much more humorous approach to writing Power Girl while Winick adds a little bit more seriousness to his story telling. The humor isn't totally lost in the second half though and the series keeps the lighthearted feel to it which made it so entertaining. :-)

One thing about the Winick/Basri storylines is that there is a heavy tie in with another Comic series JSA generation lost and it's difficult to follow the plot without reading both of them. This becomes especially noticeable with Divine's story arc.

My favorite picture in this set is the one with Power Girl resting her feet on the table giving you a really close up view of her soles. It was one of those scenes where what I was wishing for actually happened. The issue set it up to make it look like she was about to relax in her office and I kept hoping they she would take off her shoes to get comfortable which she actually did and then some. Woot!! :-D

Ok I'm not done yet. ^_^ It's time for another round of....

If I'm going to do a Writing.Com tie in, I might as well go for broke. I'm going to try to do three spotlights with each entry. Ok our first story up is...

Unseasonably Hot by ThomasFrend
This is one of those stories that is great to read in summer because you can visualize how nice the warm weather is. As a fetishist we all know that one of the perks of hot weather is the revealing footwear that girls tend to wear accompanying it. With that in mind, imagine a heat wave in the middle of February and having a hot ex gymnast redheaded wife to come home to. Also picture her not only knowing about your fetish but being accepting of it. That's the premise that this story starring Shinnosuke and Maki from Airmaster explores. As if Maki's huge feet weren't enough to make this story a must read, there is also a cameo appearance from one of the Bleach women. Just be advised that this story does live up to its 18+ rating.

Next up is
At Your Stepsister's feet by HNRBlock
I was reading this interactive story earlier this week and really enjoyed it a lot. The premise is nothing that we haven't seen before. (You take on the role of 17 year old Male character dominated by his 16 year old stepsister Rebecca.) However, the chapters for this story are written really well. There's a lot of great foot domination content as Rebecca makes her stepbrother her slave. In addition to great chapters from the story's creator, there also is a nice addition from the author Sauurman where the stepsister physically punishes her brother. I really hope this story continues to grow in the future as well.

Ok last for the day is
Anime/Video Game Girls Feet Torture Interactive by Mr. Cool
I think I spotlighted this interactive the last time I did a Power Girl tribute too. It continues to be one of my favorites. Since the last time there have been a lot of great chapters added to this story. My favorite ones to read are for the storyline involving the Nintendo girls written by the author Capt. Wolf. The most recent chapters to that thread involve Zelda and Princess Peach's feet. There's also an excellent chapter involving Naruto's Sakura by author Blackheart. Definitely recommend giving this story a read if you haven't already. :-)

Ok guys...that's going to do it for today...more comic book action coming up soon!


  1. Oh god. those sole shots were soo sexy. If I was that nerd,I'd massage them :D

  2. Lovely post! Just can't get enough of Power Girl! The panel of her resting her feet on the desh is really nice, she really seems to be expecting a nice foot massage. She seems really a pleasure to draw, I'll give it a shot too.

  3. Thanks guys. I really loved that shot as well. It was definitely awesome to see a Superheroine give a POV of her soles. Would love to be in the nerds position as well.

    O_O That would definitely be really awesome to see Bountydog.

  4. Power Girl, nice. That's gonna be one of the first comic series im gonna cover on the fanservice blog I just started recently.

  5. Thanks Jeffstar. O_O Sounds like a great blog. I'll check it out now. ^_^

  6. Nice blog, Jeffstar! Ikkitousen is full of service but Agent Aika is a sort of enciclopedy about the topic, nice choice! About the Powergirl pic, i'll post it as soon as possible on my photobucket page (and also in the more "extreme" page with some more Powergirl-related pics). Had the occasion to draw her at a little Comicon, just had to get the scans form the owners.

  7. O_O Wow...nice set of images Bounty Dog. I love your drawings of the Sailor Senshi. They look very hot. You're an awesome artist. :-) I'll definitely continue to check both of your sites out often in the future. ^_^

  8. Thank you very much, KSC! Happy to please some fellow foot lover! Thanks for the support! ^_^