Sunday, May 16, 2010

Karin (Bonus)

Wrapping up the current wave of Ninja Girl tributes, here is a tribute to the Naruto villainess/antagonist Karin including a rather nice scene where she steps on one of her really lucky teammates face and makes him wash her feet for her. ;-) Have fun guys!!

(These are from Naruto Shippuuden episodes 115, 116 and 125 (a must see episode!!). A thank you to the great Melroser76 for tipping me off to a really awesome scene involving her feet.)

I really like this character a lot. Appearance-wise Karin comes off as very sexy totally rocking the sophisticated glasses wearing hottie look. Like most of the Naruto ladies, she wears those great open toed sandals which give us a peek at what her feet look like. In addition to that she also wears nylon stockings which accentuate her shapely legs while at the same time leaving her toes and the ball of her foot exposed. (Teasingly hot!!). I also like how her exotic red eyes complement her hair color.

Karin's personality is really great too. She's loud and energetic, but at the same time very intelligent with a shy and sensitive side too. Like most teenage anime girls and villainesses, she has trouble expressing her true feelings which combined with a rather violent temper masks just how much she cares for her teammates. However, the anime and manga gives some nice subtle moments where she shows her true feelings. (Naruto author Masashi Kishimoto is really an expert at making complex multifaceted characters. ^_^)

As one of three elite Sound Ninja members Sasuke recruited for team snake to help him take down his brother, Karin is clearly really formidable. Having worked for the villain Orochimaru, Karin in the past was entrusted with making sure that none of his prisoners escaped. She made sure that no prisoner dared to try using a combination of intelligence, psychological conditioning and ninja skills to keep them submissive and compliant. Karin specialty is tracking Chakra making it very difficult for her opponents to get away from her. Though I doubt she'd have to use it on her foot fan who would jump at the chance to her captive and clean her feet for her if she wanted them to. :-D

Ok everyone that sort of completes the ninja tributes. (Though I'll definitely make sure that Ibuki, Kasumi and any other female Ninjas you guys want appear at a later time.) Next week I probably won't be around that much because I need to prepare for my finals. However after that...I should be posting again at full power.

On that note more to come soon guys. ^_^

*Throws Smoke Bomb*

When the smoke clears...the blogger is gone leaving behind the initials KSC.


  1. Ya know... Karin kind of looks like Lorelei in some ways.

    Anyways, Great post KSC :D

  2. For a second I thought it was going to be Karin from Street Fighter :)

    Still great though. Nice toes and sole!

  3. Whoa, AWESOME! I guess I stopped watching Naruto too soon to have missed this hottie. Gotta get her episodes quick. Great post, KSC!

  4. O_O Never thought of're right Breakthewalls. ^_^ Would be awesome to see Lorelei give use that type of POV in the Pokemon anime.

    Hopefully she'll have a completely barefoot scene in the future Match. *Crosses fingers*

    Thanks Juancho. O_O Another Karin that I should post. Would also like to do one for Ichigo's sister too.

    Thanks Sole Keeper. I also stopped watching Naruto for a period of time too (after watching it religiously for a few years)but recently I've been catching up. I still have about 30 episodes until I'm up to the most recent episode though. ^_^ The current story arc I'm on is pretty intense though.

  5. No More Naruto please. This plase has way way too many Naruto pics.

  6. So no Taki this time? Ah well.

  7. Naruto is sort of a fave SFD so I can't promise that but I probably won't post another girl from the series for awhile.

    Yeah Taki is hot Veroom. I'll try to do another tribute to her in the future. ^_^