Thursday, December 1, 2011

Poll 40: Results

Ok the 40th poll of the month has come to a close, after an impressive 1088 are the results: looked like Sailor Jupiter shocked her competition. Not only did she easily grab first place, she scored more votes than the other girl combined proving her feet are the ones you'd love to be dominated and scissored by the most. In second place was the deadly Anna Williams and Rainbow Mika and Ryomou Shimei (got the spelling right this time ;-D) tied for third.

As always, I just want to thank you all for voting and sharing your opinions. I'll post a tribute to Jupiter later this week. ^_^ In addition to that, I'm working on a new Christmas themed poll that should be up later tonight. :-D

That's all for now...have a great day everyone and more to come soon!!


  1. Oh personal favorite was Rainbow Mika. ^_^ That blond wrestler is really cute. :-D

    Great voting guys. ^_^

  2. XD well done 4 getting the spelling right this time KSC, sorry if I was smart last time - And I mean no offense 2 anyone when I say this but I was really disappointed with the results of this poll - I thought 4 sure Ryomou would at least come in 2nd place, and this is what am getting at here - no offence 2 all u sailor moon fans out there - It seems 2 me the more a sailor moon character is placed as an option in a poll, the more likely it is of winning it - Can we perhaps let the characters that are not as well known have a chance 2 win 4 a change? Shimei Ryomou - You'll always be my number 1 anime girl ^_^

  3. That was a fun poll but so hard to vote on! I love them all and wouldn't mind being dominated by all of them! Great poll dude! What's gonna be the next one you think?

  4. :-D Thanks Martin. Ryomou would be very hot to be dominated by. Maybe I'll try to do an exclusively rare character poll in the future. ^_^

    Thanks Heretichero. ^_^ I'm working on the new poll up now. ^_^ It going to be Holiday related. :-D It should be posted pretty soon. :-)

  5. definatly Etna, that little devil is such a tease

  6. Etna is a great choice Match. ^_^ She's like tailor made for Fetish fans. Whips leather demoness etc. :-D

  7. I don't even need to say what I picked for the Scissor poll XD

    As for this one, I picked another lady with lovely legs, Chun-Li :D

  8. :-D I think I might be able to guess BTW. ;-)

    O_O Chun Li is hot. That's a very sexy choice. ^_^

  9. Sailor Jupiter has such a wonderfully strong personality. Not sure what pics are out there but you've surprised me plenty of times before ;)

    As for this new poll, I've never watched Oreimo but as soon as I saw Kuroneko I think I made my choice. Glad you included her. :D

  10. Thanks Savantome. Yeah I really like Sailor Jupiter's personality too. ^_^ She's a great balance of strength and kindness. :-D

    :-D Kuroneko was one the last girls I added. I was trying to find anime girls who wear stockings to fill the 10 choices and she was the first girl to pop up in a google search that I recognized. She's definitely a great pick. ^_^

  11. My personal choices in this poll were R.Mika, Ryomou, and Tina as girls that I like to get in a submission.

  12. :-D All three characters are great Shadowmandude. It would be definitely be really cool to be in a submission match and dominated by all three of them. ^_^