Sunday, April 18, 2010

W.I.T.C.H.: Hay Lin

Ok...the next W.I.T.C.H. member up is the energetic guardian of the air Hay Lin. Sadly this girl's feet were hard to find, (At least by herself anyway ;-D) but here are some of the highlights. ^_^

(Another combination of Webfinds and caps from the glorious W.I.T.C.H. feet treasure trove episode "N is for Narcissist". Once again a massive thank you to P for providing the material for this bonus.)

I was reading the wikipedia character summaries for Hay Lin and this girl is really great. She's feisty, energetic and creative. Her favorite subject is art and she has a really good sense of humor. She's also a fellow sci fi and comic book lover.

Like the other guardians, Hay Lin has a lot of really cool powers as well as her own element to control. She's an aerokinetic meaning she has complete control of the air around her. Similar to a certain Avatar character, she can use her powers the make winds, tornadoes, gust, and vortexes as well as a number of other creative purposes. She's been known to use it to enhance her powers of flight (making her faster than the other guardians), control sounds, breathe underwater, shape-shift, enhance her telepathy to allow her to dream the future and see the memories of an object. She can even control the air's temperature to make things freeze around her. Now that's really cool!!

Ok...more W.I.T.C.H. action to come soon guys!!


  1. Gotta love those cute Chinese girls :)

    I wonder if her feet are super soft since, considering she's probably light on her feet due to her element ;)

  2. Hi!, nice site, someone told me you might be interested in a few images I made, though they are not anime.

    Hope you like them.

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  4. I like all the five girls of Witch, so Hay Lin is not out of that equation. I think the pics you posted all great so far, my fave so far is the third one with Hay Lin at her desk. can't wait for the group shots.

    Here's a link to some pics of Orube that has been mention earlier, she appears later in the Witch comics.

  5. Hay Lin is definatley the cutest of the bunch! I don't care much about her feet! She's just so damn hot I can't help but get pulled in by her face!

  6. Mmm that's so nice to imagine BTW.

    Wow your artwork is really hot Foul. I really like them very much. Fantasy images totally rock. Thanks very much for them

    O_O Thanks very much for Orube P. I'm really looking forward to posting this barefoot martial arts guardian as well. ^_^

    Thanks Digiharrisom. Hay Lin does have a really beautiful smile. ^_^ You can really see what an energetic and fun character she is from it. ^_^