Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rosario + Vampire Finale: Kurumu Part 2 of 2

I posted a tribute to Kurumu showcasing a lot of her best scenes in the past so this time around I made some new panups for her. There are a couple of hot new scenes in this one too. ^_^

Being a Succubus, Kurumu possesses sharp claws and and nails which she can extend and retract at will. In one rare scene, she actually kicked of her shoe and extended her toenails to use it as an attack. O_O

Yes the above POV kick was already posted but I got some higher quality caps of it so I figured why not? :-D

(Caps of Kurumu from various episodes of the Rosario + Vampire Anime particularly Season 1 episode 5 and 10 and Season 2 episodes 6, 7 and 13. I also want to give to everyone who helped me collect scenes for this bonus: Match25 (The Legendary Master of Sole Shots), Tigger_Tiger, Libra and the Halloween Expert Lawliet. ^_^ I really couldn't have done it without you guys. ^_^)

For those of you that missed Kurumu's previous bonus you can view it here:
I also created a Kurumu animation that you can either scroll down or click on the following link to see:

In addition to that, just for fun I've also added a special bonus poll allowing you to pick your favorite Rosario + Vampire girl that will last through Halloween (basically over the weekend). As with every one of my is anonymous and you don't need a blogger account to participate so anyone who wants to can vote. It should be fun to see which of these girl you guys like best.

Ok...that's basically it for now. ^_^

Have a Happy Halloween Everyone and as usual...more to come soon. ^_^


  1. Heyy there, I haven't been on this blog in a REALLY long time but, you're gonna wanna see this :3

  2. Hey Cart28. ^_^ O_O Very hot image. I really need to post a tribute to Peach soon. :-D I'm really hoping that the swimming and gymnastics events of the game provide some good scenes for her. ^_^ Thanks very much for this picture. :-)

  3. No problem :D I remember seeing the image of Peach in that same outfit today when I saw the game at the store so I got a little curious :3 It's also the first time she's ever been barefoot in any game so that's pretty exciting :P But it may give hope to the other girls in the game as well, ya never know :)

  4. Excellent Finale dude. I hope my Halloween post can live up to yours. Great job! I love the finale animated gif and screen caps you provided for us! Keep it up man! I can't wait to see what you have in store for next year and next holiday!!

  5. I heard that Daisy is in the game too. It would be really awesome if they had other Nintendo girls as well. Seeing a gymnastic or swim competition between a barefoot Samus, Zelda, Peach and Daisy would be like a dream come true. ^_^

  6. Thanks very much Heretichero. I'm really looking forward to your Halloween posts as well. ^_^

  7. all i can say is dang those socks still stayed on.

    succubus, they allure anyone in anyway

  8. Yeah...It might have been cool to see her execute that attack barefoot. ^_^

  9. Wish she would got Trick or that she would make me smell her feet ;P

  10. Oh yeah, I've been meaning to ask, where and how do you make your gifs? They are so much more clean in transition and look so good. Could you tell me future gif projects I do? Thanks.

  11. For the most recent set of gif animations. I started using a photo program called gimp that Grand Narcissist and Veroom recommended. It's really worked very nicely. The program is free and available to download. It took me a little while to learn but this tutorial real helped a lot.

    Right now the biggest problem that I'm having is finding a good host for the animations that I create though. Blogger doesn't allow for animation uploads and Photobuckets has a limited bandwidth. ^_^; If you or anyone else knows any good free photo upload sites, let me know.

    Anyway, best of luck with your animations Heretichero.

  12. I have to ask, which episode in particular has the awesome sole-shot of Kurumu's sexy POV kick?

  13. It's season 2 episode 6 Field trip and Vampire Stephan. ^_^

  14. Thanks a lot, KSC! I'll return th favor somehow!

  15. O_O babe is drop dead gorgeous and cute all rolled in2 1 fine figure lol - usually I only see anime girls that are 1 or the other but its nice to see girls that can be cute in a sexy way and sexy in a cute way if that makes sense XP lol

  16. Thanks Martin. ^_^

    Hee's true the girls in this anime do manage to pull off the sexy and cute combination really well. ^_^

  17. Kurumu! Not quite my favorite but definitely up there.

    She's also one of the rare anime/manga girls who has got far closer to the guy than the lead heroine, (like Charlotte from the more recent Infinite Stratos). This includes emotive moments such as at the hospital (manga season 1) and while training (manga season 2 chapter 41). She's also the only girl who's been able to get through to his ghoul form - twice.

    In fact she's probably the most compassionate girl in the series, very ironic given her race! It's not surprise she gets so much attention in the show, or that (like Charlotte) her following seems to be bigger than the comparatively boring female lead.

    In the anime she's also the only one who regularly breaks the 4th wall, so that's funny too!

    Kurumu's feet would definitely be one of the most fun pairs of the series to play with, especially because of how flirtatious she'd be when you did :)

  18. :-D Kurumu definitely manages to steal a lot of the scenes she is in. She really is a great character.

    On a sidenote...I've been hearing about the series Infinite Stratos lately. Is it a fun series to watch?

  19. Between some of the romantic comedy and the part-CG mech fights, I'd say it's overall fun to watch, yeah.

    Sadly it may be remembered as one of the biggest recent cases of forcing a heroine against the audience's overwhelming preference (and arguably the direction of the whole show).

    It's also got a bit of foot service, always a plus!

  20. O_O Thanks for giving me the 411 on the series Veroom.

    Between Charlotte, romantic comedy, CG Mech action and sounds like it could be entertaining to see...I try to give it a shot. ^_^

  21. Whoa...I shouldn't be surprised that Kurumu would rule the fanservice roost.

  22. She is really popular. :-D Thanks again Cyberchao. ^_^