Monday, January 19, 2009

Lupin the III: Fujiko Mine (Bonus)

Sorry for the lack of updates guys. It's been a busy weekend. I probably wouldn't have been able to update again until tonight but fortunately I was able to get this cool set from Match25 to show you.

(These are a cool mixture of webfinds and caps from the Legendary Master of Sole Shots himself.)
I have yet to watch this series...but I can honestly say that this woman's feet provide very persuasive reasons to check this series out.
Alright everyone...despite the fact that it looks like I'm posting things slowly lately, me, Match Juancho (the mastermind behind the Misty bonus) and Mr. E have actually been working on some pretty big tribute sets. Expect some massive-sized tributes in the next couple of weeks. ^_^ Also to make up for my lack of spotlights this weekend...I'll definitely post some new ones in my next bonus.
Have a great day everyone!!


  1. Let me just say that Fujiko's one hot mama, Triton. Scenes like that pulled me into the classic series of Lupin III. :D

    Not only that, but she was a childhood crush of mine. :D

  2. Yeah I was really impressed when I saw this woman...I think I have to add this series to my watch list.

  3. sadly Fujiko is rarely barefoot, but check the movies Orders to Assassinate Lupin and Fujikos Bad Day for the bulk of them

  4. Definitely going to check both of those out. Her soles are hot!!!

  5. Hello, in what episode or movie there is fujiko feet ?

  6. Hello, in what episode or movie there is fujiko feet ?

  7. sorry it has been a long time since i capped those scenes, i cant recall

  8. sorry for my english because Ii speak english a little.
    But if you is free, want you help at found fujiko's feet in the movie because I downloaded season 1, 2 and 3.
    If you find, write in the blog the movie where you found fujiko feet.
    Thank you