Friday, February 27, 2009

Fujiko Mine (Bonus 2)

Just a quick bonus tonight. A few more caps of Fujiko's feet. Enjoy guys!!

(These are taken from the series Lupin three. While a couple of these are webfinds, most of these were capped by the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 himself. (Thanks for these man))

I think it's pretty cool that some of these caps have her toenails always hot when a woman draws attention to her feet. :-D

Ok...because of some important familial obligations tommorow, this will probably be my last entry of the month but don't worry...I'll be back on sunday just in time to announce and tribute this month's poll winner. Speaking of which...last chance to lock in this month's votes everyone.

Have a great weekend everybody!!
P.S. Yeah I know...its the second week in a row without any spotlights. ^_^; I'll post a few next week.


  1. its clearly obvious how she is able to seduce men so easily with such lovely soft soles