Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dinosaur King: Zoe Drake

Zoe Drake, known as Malm Tatsuno in the Japanese Version, is a member of the D-Team. She is the younger sister of the D-Team's scientist, Reese Drake. In Episode 2 of Dinosaur King, she gained her very own Dinosaur, Paris, short for Parasaurolophus. Out of all three members of the D-Team, she is the most enthusiastic, yet sometimes serious, and outgoing characters.

Like this post? I was shuffling through all of my favorite shows when I remembered this, and also remembered how there were a few barefoot scenes of Zoe. Her Dinosaur, Paris, can grow to a massive size, like the rest of the D-Team Dinosaurs. She'll catch you if you're up to no good. You probably can think of how this girl would show you who's boss. Hope you liked my newest post. I'll be coming out with more later on. Until my next post, see you guys soon!


  1. I knew I remembered barefoot soccer in that show from an advert! Thanks for this!

  2. check out The New Adventures of Peter Pan, a CGI animated film where Tinkerbell is a barefooter

    1. well more like a collection of a few episodes but yes Tinkerbell's feet are very detailed