Sunday, January 24, 2016

Uta Kata: Tomoka

Tomoka is a student who is introduced in episode 4 of Uta Kata. She is friends with another student, Yuka, and make fun of Ichika for her constant seriousness instead of letting loose and having fun. While waiting to meet with her new boyfriend one day while at a camp, Tomoka gets pushed into a ravine and is trapped. She is rescued by Ichika and Manatsu, who she thanks for saving her afterwards.

This series only lasted for a year, going from 2004 to 2005, but I like the quality of animation. These screencaps were taken from Episode 4, "Sudden Shower by the Lake Shore". Tomoka only appeared in this episode, but she had one great foot scene. She and Yuka always like to hang loose, be lazy, and do whatever they want, but try not to let their teacher know. If you catch her doing something you know she isn't supposed to do and try to tell on her, she could stop you and blackmail you into telling the teacher about you sneaking into a girls' school camp trip, and the only way for her to let it slide would be for you to clean her feet from the dirty floors of the cabin while she lays back and mocks you. I hope you like this post. I have plenty more coming soon. Until my next post, keep in touch! I'll see you soon!

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