Friday, January 22, 2016

JV- The Extraordinary Adventures of Jules Verne: Amélie

Amélie is the spunky daughter of Professor Artemis. She travels with Professor Artemis and Jules Verne to explore the World.

Note: Amélie does not join in on the chase just yet because she has to go get her boots back on, hence the reason she's wearing boots in the next shots.

Something I like about Amélie is that she's headstrong and doesn't give up. Although she is somewhat of a girly girl, she can sometimes act like a tomboy. She always knows when to be snarky and when to be serious. Being the daughter of a professor, she also has spare time, and can use that to make a lucky person clean her feet, especially after that chase from the episode "Around the World in Eighty Days". I forget the name from when she's in the river, but after getting her feet wet, she would want a good foot rub. She could use her spunky side to get you to worship her feet. Today is my birthday, so here is a special post for today, I guess. I'll have more up later on. Until my next post, see you all soon!