Monday, January 18, 2016

Winx Club: Princess Tecna

Tecna is a cyborg from the Planet of Zenith. She believes in logic and scientific explanations combined with magic. In Season 3, she was believed to be dead after sacrificing herself for the Planet of Andros. However, she survived after being sent to the Omega Dimension. Her boyfriend is Timmy, who, just like her, is good with technology.

 Tecna is one of my favorite Fairies in Winx Club. She is, as her name implies, technological, smart and logical. She can put up a good argument, and can see a point to everything. You could challenge her to a quiz of any kind. If she wins, you would be forced to worship her feet the way she wants you to do so. Another way for that to happen would be through her playful side. She can tell if someone is spying on her and her friends, and when she finds you, she could make you worship not only her feet, but the feet of the entire Winx Club as well. Wouldn't that be something? Until my next post, keep in touch!

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