Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Snow White with the Red Hair: Shirayuki

The main female protagonist of the story. She is born with rare red hair and is a skilled herbalist. She escapes from the kingdom of Tanburn after its prince orders her to become his concubine. Independent and persistent, she meets Zen and befriends him after tending to his wounds. In Clarines, she is accepted as a palace pharmacist and trains under Garack with Ryu. Shirayuki has demonstrated her abilities as a pharmacist in various situations, including identifying and controlling disease outbreaks in Raxd and Lyrias. She has a close relationship with Zen, and falls in love with him over the course of the story despite opposition due to their difference in social status.


  1. ah this series, didnt know it got an anime

  2. Never heard of this series. :o I like her design.